Telephone Box converted to Tourist Information Kiosk

Working with Pewsey Parish Council who kindly allowed the use of the phone box, and with the Pewsey Area Board who provided a grant, the kiosk has been converted into a space where visitors to the Vale of Pewsey can get information on local places to stay, eat, drink and visit, as well as events and other useful information.

Matthew Barnes, Regional Development Manager for the Central Region at GWR, will be opening the Tourist Information Kiosk during English Tourism Week on

Friday 31st March 2017 at 10.45am
at the junction of Everleigh Rd and Swan Road, Pewsey SN9 5HL

For any enquiries, contact or visit the website at
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The Avonworks website on the social history of Avon Rubber

The Avon Works website is a platform for digital arts and heritage projects in Bradford on Avon and surrounding areas. With initial funding from the local Area Board (Wiltshire Council) and Bradford on Avon Town Council, they are especially keen to promote young talent, with the backing of local business and education. They are currently hosting the various projects arising from the arrival of The Iron Duke. They have several projects in the pipeline, partnering with Wiltshire College, St. Laurence's School and other enthused groups across the community. Please browse the site for more details, sign up to their newsletter to be kept informed, and e-mail, facebook, blog with your ideas and feedback. This is a new adventure and you are all welcome aboard!

Information from Jim Lynch of BOACAN
Source AvonWorks Website
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Pewsey Vale Visitor Pass Pilot this August 2016

Rural areas will always find it a challenge to compete with bigger flashier venues when it comes to tourism.  But that shouldn't stop them trying.  The Pewsey Vale Tourism Partnership is a separate group supported by Pewsey Community Area Partnership, local businesses, local parishes, Visit Wiltshire, Great Western Railways and the NWD AONB.

Visit their website here to see what is available.

The Pewsey Vale Visitor Pass pilot, which includes vouchers for discounts on purchases , entry fees and a free coffee with your newspaper, is available now from their partners including Spar Pewsey, Around the World, Crofton Beam Engines, Wilton Windmill, The Equilibrium Clinic in Woodborough, Crystal Clear and Marr Green Farm Shop in Burbage.

It is hoped that the lessons learned from this pilot will help with the launch of a "fully loaded" visitor pass next year.

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Blue Light Day

This event was once again successful taking place on one of the hottest days of the year so far! Sadly this meant that it was too hot for children from one school to walk to the event as they had in previous years.

Over 800 children attended the event in Tidworth and Ludgershall with the local Police and Military Police supporting the days activities.  The response and receptiveness of the children was good.  The children were shown how finger prints can help solve crimes.

Unfortunately the Fire Brigade and Ambulance service were not in attendance this year.  It is hope that they will support the day next year.

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The Iron Duke Project 2016

PIECE by piece and bit by bit the historic rubber rolling machine the Iron Duke returned to its Bradford on Avon home this July much to the delight of locals.

Fascinated onlookers watched as parts of the 19th century, 12ft, 16-tonne machine was delivered and installed at the Kingston Mill development in Kingston Road over three days.

The Iron Duke, named after the Duke of Wellington, has returned to the town after 43 years away thanks to around £100,000 in donations before its grand unveiling on September 24 2016.

David Moss, Chairman of the Preservation Trust, said:"After five years of planning, to finally see it in the flesh and see it set up is very special."

The work to restore the machine, which used to be in the Avon Rubber factory, to its former glory is being completed by specialist company Dorothea Restorations.

The excitement was building in Bradford on Avon back in May towards the return of historic rubber rolling machine the Iron Duke. A free open day was held to celebrate its homecoming.

More than 40 people, both young and old, attended the 2-4pm Preservation Trust and museum's event which involved the initiation of volunteering projects, in a film and musical sense, workshops and a glimpse into life at Kingston Mills from 1849-1973.

The idea of the event, also organised by the group Avon Works, was to drum up excitement for the Iron Duke's return this July.

Youngsters from St Laurence School and Wiltshire Music Centre got the chance to create a piece of music based on factory sounds, devise street poetry, make a film about life in the town with former Avon rubber factory workers and also a journalism project.

This project has been made possible courtesy of grants from Heritage Lottery Fund, the Arts Council's PRISM fund, Wiltshire Council, Bradford on Avon Town Council and its area board totalling just short of £90,000.

Chairman of Bradford on Avon's Community Area Network, Jim Lynch, said: The May event was very well attended. What was most encouraging was that everybody stayed, engaged in a whole variety of discussions and signed up to various projects. It's a great start to what promises to be a very exciting year.

Just £9,000 was needed to bring the first rubber rolling machine, which is currently unassembled in Bristol's industrial museum, in Europe back to Bradford on Avon after 43 years away.

Colin Kay, Community Engagement Chairman of the Iron Duke Community Engagement Projects, said: "This is a chance for the whole community to get involved in this unique once-in-a-generation project. We are confident the project will help both young people and the older generation in Bradford on Avon to together create a lasting tribute to the Avon Rubber Factory."

Named after the Duke of Wellington, the 12ft, 16 tonne machine, returned to the town in July and is due to be completed in September, played a central part in the Avon Rubber Factory over 150 years ago.

Museum treasurer Chris Dale said: "This is a very exciting time. We have been trying to achieve this for some 25 years and the fact that we have almost reached our monetary target is just brilliant.

For more information about the Avon Works online platform visit or watch a short film at

Source Wiltshire Times 

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Mapping of Defibrillators leads to training on how to use the,

Defibrillators - it is almost 3 years since the issues around defibrillators was raised at the Chippenham Health Forum, mainly around who knew where they were available in and around our area and had people been trained to use them. 

Members of the Health Forum made lots of enquiries and found there was no accessible information or map available showing where defibrillators were located and few people knew how to use them in fact were afraid to use them. 

We spent time raising awareness on this matter and then a group of students at Chippenham College took the matter up and did a project on defibrillators.  The students have mapped where defibrillators can be found and have learned how to use them. 

There was an article and photograph in the Gazette and Herald (19th May) and the students are taking what they have learned to the people of Chippenham by arranging for more training on 16th June 2016.

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Time Credits under threat -Marlborough online news

Aimed at young people, families on low incomes and the unemployed, the scheme has been very successful in persuading people to volunteer who might not usually think of volunteering.

From litter picks, to apple pressing, to helping in school gardens, the scheme has covered a wide range of activities.  For every hour spent volunteering, a person gets a Spice Time Credit - which looks very like a bank note.  

These credits can be used to access time-based activities locally or nationally.   This has included access to Wiltshire leisure centre activities - a very popular and widespread use for the credits.

PCAP say Wiltshire's decision has come at short notice: "We had hoped that before the cut-off we would be able to influence decision makers at Wiltshire Council to reverse the policy change - sadly this approach has not been successful."

PCAP believe this change of policy will have an impact on the future of the entire Spice scheme in Wiltshire - as well as in the Pewsey area.  

The PCAP will be meeting with its partners to decide whether their scheme is sustainable now access to the leisure centres for those earning credits has been withdrawn.

Dawn Wilson, chair of the PCAP, says the success of their targeted scheme means that it has spread to Tidworth and other areas of Wiltshire:  "If the scheme is to continue in a viable and sustainable way, it will require replacement funding and so we are appealing to any businesses in the Pewsey area who may be interested in grasping this opportunity to support our community."

This policy change by Wiltshire Council raises questions on two fronts.

First, Council leaders frequently laud the part played in the county by volunteers - especially important as services provided by the Council recede.   So why undermine volunteering?

Secondly, the increased use of leisure centres underpins the Council's drive to improve the health and wellbeing of Wiltshire residents.  As Baroness Scott has put it: "We are focused on prevention and support." So why discourage use of leisure centres?

Any business interested in getting involved with the Pewsey scheme can contact PCAP Coordinator Susie Brew - or 07802 444022.

You can find out more about the national Spice Time Credits scheme here.

Marlborough News Online - Written by Tony Millett on 19 May 2016.

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Safe Places launch for Pewsey on May 19th 2016

A Safe Place is somewhere that provides initial support to anyone who feels lost and vulnerable when out and about in their community.  A person who uses a Safe Place will be listened to, reassured, supported and offered time and a safe place to wait. 

It involves local businesses and organisations signing up to the scheme, ensuring their staff know what to do and then displaying a Safe Places sticker in the window so that people can see it.    

The Pewsey Community Area Partnership is working with the Safer & More Supportive Communities Group at Wiltshire Council and local businesses to implement Safe Places in our area.  The official launch of the scheme will take place on Thursday 19th May at 12 noon at the Spar Shop who have been pivotal in getting this scheme up and running. 

The Safe Places that are already signed up or have been approached are: 

·  Spar Shop - North Street, Pewsey

·  Absolute Style - River Street, Pewsey

·  Daisy's Kitchen - Pewsey High Street

·  Applecart Café - Pewsey High Street

·  Pewsey Leisure Centre

·  Pewsey Library

·  The Waterfront Bar & Bistro - Pewsey Wharf 

If you would like more information on the scheme, or are a business who would like to get involved, then please email or visit   


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Tidworth Community Awards 2016

This years Community Area Awards took place at The Wellington Academy theatre, which was packed with families and supporters of those nominated for awards. Entertainment during the evening included dancing from Tidworth Rewind and Show Off Dance, and the principal guest was Deputy Lord Lieutenant for Wiltshire Mrs Sara Jones. Castledown Radio's team of reporters were there to interview the nominees and winners on what was another excellent evening.

Excerpt from Castledown Radio Report for more about the winners follow the link to their website.
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Devizes Passengers Group writes to Bus Minister

Following the Devizes Passengers blog about the Wiltshire Bus Review, a joint letter to Andrew Jones MP, Minister for Local Transport has been circulated.  This has been sent to the Minister via Claire Perry as our local MP since she in an excellent position to lobby for our bus network.

Devizes Passengers have been given a joint opportunity to air their thoughts about the local bus network at the Area Board on Monday 20th March at Devizes School (6:00 for 6:30pm).  They will have 10 minutes!

Excerpt from the letter:

The Wiltshire Bus Review that is underway includes choices of reducing services to a shadow of what they are, or even taking away all subsidised services with some replacement services using community buses where practicable.

Devizes is a small market town that has no railway station, no hospital and numerous surrounding villages. Due to high car use with dreadful peak time traffic, Devizes was designated an Air Quality Management Area in 2012. Most of our bus services to our nearby towns, suburbs, railway stations and hospitals are subsidised. The network already has many well recognised deficiencies which we have been working on in partnership with Wiltshire Council to make the best of the public investment. No solution, however, will achieve the scale of savings that Wiltshire seeks through this review.

For the full copy of the letter click here.

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Wiltshire Spice Time Credits celebrates 1 year birthday in Pewsey

Mark Caffrey from Spice came to Pewsey to help celebrate PCAPs 1 year birthday since the launch of Time Credits in the Pewsey Community Area.

The day was spent in workshops to capture the impact that Time Credits have had during the past year.  Pewsey Primary School was the pilot for this project and has 12 adult volunteers signed up and earning Time Credits. The aim is to recruit new volunteers who would benefit from earning Time Credits as a reward for donating their time to support the School.  Not all volunteers are eligible. Many of the schools volunteers have used the Time Credits to access activities at the leisure centre in Pewsey. Local businesses and clubs have donated over £1,500 of restricted activities to this project.  The morning's workshop was informative and led to more ideas on how this project can benefit the school and those who volunteer there. Nicola Gilbert, head of the school, said "some of our volunteers have moved on to employment. We are working with a local charity EPIC to run a bespoke CV writing workshop to support our volunteers. Because our volunteers are earning Time Credits I feel more comfortable about asking them for help when I need it. This relationship means that I am also able to offer our volunteers a reference to potential employers."

The second workshop took place with the volunteers of Pewsey Community Area Partnership (PCAP) who run the hub and oversee Time Credits across the community area and beyond.  This project has been challenging as Wiltshire Council withdrew the dedicated officer for this project just as we were getting going.  In hindsight that was a good thing because we were able to develop our own model for a hub to meet local needs rather than having to follow a strict set of guidelines.  We were fortunate to receive £1,000 from Aster Communities to help us develop local spend opportunities. This allowed us to tap into the generosity of local businesses and clubs who donated activities or spare capacity (restrictions apply). It was noted that having the local leisure centre (and others run by Wiltshire Council) accept Time Credits instead of cash was of immense value.  Our target groups for participating with Time Credits would not ordinarily easily afford regular access to the leisure centre pool or gym. Access to activities to promote health and wellbeing through paying with Time Credits adds to the sense of self-worth that volunteering brings.  Since the funding from Aster  has now been used we have had to make this project more time efficient which will help others across Spice network nationally who are entering a transition phase were funding is being reduced.

PCAP has been fortunate to receive funding from the Area Board Local Youth Network to support engaging young people to earn Time Credits.  This funding has allowed PCAP to partner with 3 other local Youth Groups to offer supported trips and activities for those young participants to spend their time credits on.  PCAP was able to show a video update (YouTube clip) on the Time Credits project and spin off activities at the area Board on March 7th. Time Credits helped to kickstart  the development of a community of interest with young BMX enthusiasts.  This in turn will help with consultations with young people for the fitting out of a proposed wheeled sports area funded by Pewsey Parish Council and built by Wiltshire Council as part of the new Health and Wellbeing Centre for Pewsey set to come online in 2018.

Mark Caffrey said "This has been an inspiring visit with project participants and organisers honestly sharing their experiences."  Mark hopes to develop new case studies to feed into Spice's impact study of Time Credits for the past year.

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Seed Swop in Melksham

Melksham Community Area Partnership's Environmental Group staged a third very successful Annual Seed Swap at Well House Manor in Spa Road, Melksham on Saturday 5th March. This was possibly the best attended event yet, with around 30 people dropping by at various times during the afternoon to swap seeds and exchange gardening news and tips and enjoy the delicious home-make cakes kindly made available on the day. Members of Melksham Gardener's Society were also on hand to offer advice and support. 

The next planned event for the group is Apple Pressing Day, which this year takes place on 18th September.

Report by Phil McMullen

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Claire Perry MP helps to promote the Connect 2 Wiltshire bus service for Pewsey and Devizes

Claire Perry MP was at Pewsey Station to open the new footbridge on Friday March 4th 2016.  Network Rail and GWR also invited the volunteers from Devizes and Pewsey Community Area Partnerships that have been working with Wiltshire Council Passenger Transport Unit over the past 18 months to revise the C2W bus service that serves the villages between Devizes and around the Pewsey Vale.

Two new timetables were launched on February 1st this year.  The 100 and 101 services from Devizes that now link to trains at Pewsey Station with a cost cutting £1 fare (T & Cs apply); and the 102,103 and 104 services across Pewsey Vale. This includes a night bus service Wed to Sat.  The timetables are available to download here.

Given the congestion around Devizes during rush hour the volunteers are keen to promote an alternative to taking the car to meet trains at Pewsey Station.  The new Express 100 service from Devizes to Pewsey and back affords a realistic alternative to the car.

Funding from the Community Transport Fund has contributed towards the costs of producing the new timetable and towards promotional umbrellas for customers using this service, now available at the Station and on the buses, to help them stay dry!

At a time when the county's bus consultation appears to be nothing but doom and gloom, here is a demonstration of what can be achieved if we all work together.  Cllr Philip Whitehead who is responsible for Passenger Transport has been reported as saying the cuts will NOT take place this year, but will inform plans for sustainable public transport for the future.

<!-- en-GB-->Claire Perry MP helps to promote the Connect 2 Wiltshire bus service for Pewsey and Devizes<!-- en-GB-->

Revised Connect 2 Wiltshire Bus Service for Pewsey and Devizes

February 1st 2016 will see a new timetable being implemented for the Pewsey Vale/Devizes Connect 2 Wiltshire rural bus service.

Following the consultation exercises that were carried out last year, Wiltshire Council has been working with the Devizes and Pewsey Community Area Partnerships and the Devizes Passengers Transport Group, to devise a new timetable for the Connect 2 Wiltshire services in the Pewsey Vale that can be operated in a more cost effective manner, whilst still catering for the needs of the majority of its customers. PCAP will be marketing this service thanks to a grant from Community Firsts Transport Fund.

"Through negotiation we have preserved connections to villages and been able to deliver new options for this service. Some new rural stops have been added and a new faster direct service between Devizes and Pewsey Station means there is a viable alternative to the car for commuters and those travelling locally to work." Dawn Wilson Chair of PCAP.

"Obviously we have all had to make concessions during this process but with links to other services for onward journeys I believe we have done the best we can for local residents to enable them to travel to Pewsey or Devizes and further afield via connections with the X5 and 49 service."

Fares for this service were also reviewed with a small increase for shorter journeys.  The £1 single fare for Rail travellers between Pewsey and Devizes and those travelling before 0745 will be retained and provides a real incentive to leave the car at home.  The Day Rover Pass for the C2W also remains at £6 and should provide value for money to residents and visitors alike.

The new timetables (when available later in January 2016) - one for the Pewsey/Devizes services and another for the Cross Vale Services - will be available from Devizes Museum, Long Street; Wiltshire Council Office, Snuff Street, Devizes; Devizes and Pewsey Libraries; Heritage Centre, Pewsey; Post Office, Pewsey; Applecart Cafe, Pewsey; Spar Shop, Pewsey or  for enquiries or to receive a timetable by post, please call: 01380 860100 or email:  To download a timetable go to

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Emergency Planning - resources and information

The workshops were led by a range of experts who deal with Flooding, Snow, Storm, Public Health and the Emergency Services. A range of tools and templates have been provided to refresh Emergency Plans for your communities, and to discuss any issues or queries that you may have. 

New updated Emergency Planning Template plan (download from Wfcap/Resources) - please encourage your parish council to complete at least LEVEL 1 and return to Surriya Subramaniam Head of Public Protection

Key Contacts

a.       Flood Support 01225 712 514

b.      Snow support 01225 718 284

c.       SSE local contacts Nick Aitken and Helen  Vass

The fact sheet about the SARAH Act (The Social Action, Responsibility and Heroism Act 2015) is available to download from our Resources Section on the Wfcap Website.  This came into effect in April of this year and addresses the reluctance of some people to help others or intervene. It is intended to provide reassurance that if something goes wrong when people are acting for the benefit of society or intervening to help someone in an emergency, the courts will take into account the context of their actions in the event they are sued for negligence.

Here is a link to the Scottish and Southern PD Community Resilience Fund or you can download from Wfcap/Resources

Here is a link to the Scottish and Southern information on Priority Services Register for vulnerable people who will not cope well without a power supply. and the leaflet

The Link to flood information is here

For the Link to interactive map of gritting routes click here

Finally Wiltshire's flood strategy 

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Impressive mural unveiled by Claire Perry MP at Pewsey Station.

Pewsey Vale's iconic features have been captured in an impressive mural created by students from Pewsey Vale School with the help of Sylvie Clayden.

The mural was unveiled on Friday 20th December by Claire Perry, MP and Rail Minister. It features many distinctive features of the local landscape of the Pewsey Vale from the Canal to the White Horse along with the activities offered for visitors and residents. 

Speaking on Friday Ms Perry said: "It gives me great pleasure to unveil this wonderful piece of artwork at Pewsey station today. As you know there a lot of good things happening at this station including a new footbridge and the new trains."

"This railway is a lifeline for our community and it is brilliant that passengers will now be welcomed at the station with this fantastic mural. "

Ms Perry also thanked Sylvie for her work with the Pewsey Dementia Art Group who designed her Parliamentary Christmas Card.

Alison Stone, from GWR, added: "The mural is a wonderful depiction of Pewsey Vale; bright and vibrant, and I am sure our passengers will agree how much it will add to the station environment.

The new revised timetable for the Pewsey /Devizes Connect 2 Wiltshire Bus Service will also offer better connections to the station.

<!-- en-GB-->Impressive mural unveiled by Claire Perry MP at Pewsey Station.<!-- en-GB-->

The ups and downs of building a DIY BMX dirt jump area and how Spice Time Credits helped along the way

Back in July conversations heard at various meetings by the Chair of Pewsey Community Area Partnership (PCAP) led to arranging a weekend in August with young volunteers earning Wiltshire Spice Time Credits to clean up an unloved wooded grove near Pewsey Football Club.  With the help of adult volunteers and local builders and with the support of Pewsey Parish Council who were the landowners, work began on filling in holes dug in this area, clearing the undergrowth and building a series of dirt jumps designed by the young BMX enthusiasts using donated topsoil.

The project seemed simple at the time but as with all things it was not as straightforward as we had hoped.  The young people's ambitions for the area meant that they spent over 100 hours developing an adrenaline pumping course with very little equipment.  Sadly what was to them a really great activity was seen by a few adults as a safety risk as the construction of one really big jump caused some concern.

The site which was so nearly complete in October was fenced off and a risk assessment of the site arranged by the landowners who were worried about their liability should an accident occur.  In fairness this is a difficult area as if an accident happened because of a lack of skill by the rider then no liability is incurred; but, if an accident happened because of a failure of the construction of the dirt jumps then the landowner might be considered liable.  A tricky situation for all concerned.

The risk assessment took place and recommendations made that would allow the project to move forward.  However some subsequent additional recommendations by a sub-group responsible for the site put the project at risk.  It seemed that after all their hard work and effort the young people would be denied once again.

Meanwhile the young people who had earned Time Credits for this work went off to learn about Fly Fishing at a local Trout Fishery.  This was an activity that they had requested and PCAP funded it as a Time Credits spend activity with youth funds from the Local Youth Network and Area Board for this purpose with Pewsey Youth Group staff supervising and a local volunteer driving the minibus supplied by the Local Youth Network Officer.

Meetings were held and discussions about the BMX site took place.  A BMX management group was formed made up of adults from Pewsey Youth Group and young people. The aim was to lease the site from the landowners and take it on so that the project could continue with its own insurance cover to meet the original objectives of the project. "An open access site with dirt jumps for young BMX riders to use that they would build, develop and maintain giving them ownership of the project."  This site meant that the young people would spend less time riding around the local supermarket car park and it was situated away from local housing being located amid a collection of sports clubs.  The project had garnered support from the public and parents from its inception.  The only downside was that now money had to be found for fencing, insurance, equipment and other necessities to meet the ambition of the users. 

PCAP and Pewsey Youth Group supported by the Wiltshire Council Local Youth Officer and local Wiltshire Councillors worked together to apply for Youth Funding to pay for the project to be completed. PCAP successfully applied for funds on November 2nd  on behalf of the BMX Management Group which was being set up and constituted at the time.  PCAP also sourced the insurance that would meet the specific needs of the group.

The BMX Management Group met with the landowners group responsible for the site and there were still concerns over the restrictions that were to be imposed on the way the site was used and managed.  PCAP and the Local Youth Network Officer subsequently attended a further meeting in mid-November to clear up any outstanding concerns or misunderstanding and explained why the original concept should be allowed to proceed.  A vote was taken with a unanimous decision of support. The project now only waits for the lease details to be agreed and drier weather for all the works to be completed.

We all look forward to these young people having responsibility for this wonderful outdoor activity that keeps them fit and active and engaged in a project that benefits the wider community.  BMX is an Olympic legacy sport and this project has uncovered and engaged with many more young people across the Pewsey Community Area. In the past few weeks another smaller village based youth group is hoping to investigate building their own BMX site.

The use of Time Credits to kick start this project was invaluable and two other local youth groups are also now engaged as word begins to spread.  Volunteering in their local villages to support their youth groups, earn Time Credits and then spend them on activities that they choose that are paid for by Youth funds from PCAP's Time Credits Grant for this purpose is a win for everyone.

Dawn Wilson

Chair of PCAP

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Invitation to an Emergency Planning workshop - Melksham

The Melksham Area Community Safety Group (which is a key element of the C.A.P.) is helping Wiltshire Council's Area Board to stage an Emergency Planning Workshop for this area. Details follow. 

The workshop is taking place on Thursday 3rd December 2015 from 5.30pm to 7.30pm at the Canberra Youth Centre, Melksham.  
The workshop will be led by a range of experts who deal with Flooding, Snow, Storm, Public Health and the Emergency Services. A range of tools and templates will be provided to refresh Emergency Plans for your communities, and to discuss any issues or queries that you may have. We will also run an exercise in the evening, to test preparedness. A draft agenda for the evening will follow.
Light refreshments will be available from 5pm.  Wiltshire Council would like this event to be as well attended as possible, so please feel free to share with partners such as community volunteers, voluntary groups, neighbourhood watches, local business groups, etc.
Any questions please don't hesitate to ask and if you could advise of your attendance that would be appreciated. 
Kind regards,
Rhys Schell
Melksham Community Engagement Manager
County Hall | Bythesea Road | Trowbridge | BA14 8JN
E: | T: 01225 716752 | Ext: 16752 | M: 07810482630

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Latest News from Warminster and Villages CAP

Warminster Community Hub - a new facility is open staffed by experienced volunteers providing a much needed drop-in service following closure of the Warminster Information Centre. WVCP has created the Hub with grant support from Warminster Town Council and Warminster & Villages Development Trust. It is a centre for local residents and visitors to seek information about local activities, attractions, events, organisations and businesses serving the town and surrounding villages. It will also be part of the Safe Place & Dementia Friendly Town schemes to be rolled out in Warminster during the next few months.


Updated Community Plan - WVCP has published the 2015 update of Your Community Plan 2013-2026 for the Warminster area. The purpose of this plan is to help groups, service providers, Warminster Area Board and Wiltshire Council to tailor their services and direct funding more specifically to the Community Area's needs, as well as provide a guide for community groups and volunteers to take on projects where possible. Your Community Plan is a living document that results from extensive public consultation and is updated as projects progress and new priorities are identified. Appendices that support the Community Plan have been revised and increased to include: a directory of local organisations under the 10 themes of the Community Plan; publicity guidance for local events; and research of grant funding opportunities to assist clubs and community groups. The document can be viewed and downloaded from the Partnership's website via this link: Partnership/Community-Plan.htm.


Social Isolation and Loneliness Survey 2015 - Age UK has completed the report commissioned by WVCP's Health & Social Care Group that consulted older people in Warminster. It notes that 'Warminster is a vibrant community where there are a great many activities that attract older people'. However over 50% of those surveyed felt lonely some, most or all of the time - well above the estimated national average of 5-16%. Closure of day centres has left a void and there is a long waiting list for befrienders in the town. The report observes that in order 'to achieve the best provision, all organisations - statutory, voluntary or commercial - need to work much more closely in effective partnership in the health and social care arena.'


Ongoing projects:

Economic and Tourism Group - monitoring of town scene and empty buildings; benchmarking; media contact list.

Health and Social Care Group - monitoring and information sharing between organisations and the community.

Current volunteering opportunities in the Warminster area can be accessed via the website


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TCAF Wellbeing Report

TCAF are working with 8 resident associations; Studley, Newtown, Seymour, Paxcroft Mead, Longmeadow, Dursley Road, Bradley Gardens, College and have developed a questionnaire

'Well Being Trowbridge Neighbourhoods Questionnaire'

The project aims to help create resilient communities in Trowbridge, with an understanding of each others' key concerns and present an opportunity to work with statutory, voluntary and community groups to improve the area in which they live. Key areas of focus for the initial consultation are:

  • the extent to which people know about what services and activities are on offer directly in each neighbourhood areas and any gaps in provision
  • what are the best means to communicate with residents to help inform individuals about what is happening in their neighbourhood
  • issues around crime and people's perception of safety in their neighbourhoods
  • people's perception of the local environment and in particular issues like litter, fly tipping, graffiti etc.

Through the consultation, the aim is to find out peoples' views about the above issues but also try to engage them with the project, seeking out volunteers and activists prepared to get involved in community led solutions

<!-- en-GB-->TCAF Wellbeing Report<!-- en-GB-->

Update on Westbury Partnership Meeting on Health Nov 11th 2015

Community Plan - Community Plan key theme tonight: Health and Wellbeing.

Claire Thomas from Alzheimers Support spoke first. They are a Wiltshire based charity working with people with Dementia. She works across East and West Wiltshire. The Alzheimers Society do work in North Wiltshire - the two organisations work closely together. Claire explained that it's not a natural part of ageing - not everyone is going to get dementia. 2/3 of people with dementia live in the community. Claire explained some of the statistics relevant to this area. The national target rate of diagnoses is 66%. The diagnosis rate in Wiltshire is 61% so it is approaching the target. There are around 300 people living with undiagnosed dementia in this area. There are over 100 different types of dementia. It's not always easy to diagnose.

We have a dementia adviser based in Westbury and Warminster. There is a Home and Community Support Service which provides respite and support. There's a café. There's Singing for the Brain both of which take place at the farm in Heywood. There's a safe places scheme.

Claire also read out some statistics regarding dementia, including the fact that 87% of people with dementia do not have access to any form of electronic communication.

Claire then went on to explain what being a Dementia Friendly community involves. There are one-hour long dementia friends sessions which anyone can attend. Scouts can now get a badge to show they are dementia aware.

Claire asked what people thought a Dementia Friendly Westbury might look like - what shops might do, what businesses might do, what clubs and societies might do. There was a spirited discussion about what people might or might not want to do.

A copy of Claire's presentation can be found here

Claire's contact details:

Claire Thomas, Dementia Aware Project Worker - West Wiltshire, Alzheimer's Support Email:

Carole handed around a copy of BA13's Action Plan and mentioned the very successful older people's meeting held at Grassacres.

Chris Heaphy then spoke about the Wellbeing Programme in relation to the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. He is a volunteer worker with the organisation. They work at various sites across the county, notably Middleton Down and Smallbrook Meadow. The mental health and the wellbeing group is intended to help people who might not normally be able to get out through either disablement, addiction or mental illness of any kind to get involved in doing practical conservation tasks. Chris provided an extensive list of those who they help.

Their organisation is part funded by Wiltshire Public Health. People are referred by their GP, although people can apply directly online themselves. They have nature reserves in the North, Middle and South of the county. They learn, for example, basket weaving, bulb planting, gutter work, woodland crafts, nature sessions, earthworm surveys, coppicing, felling, fencing, path clearance, outdoor cooking - and the all important tea-making. The work also contributes of course to the wellbeing of the reserves that they are working on.

They are also keeping a biological record for Wiltshire and Swindon. People's outcomes are measured against the Warwick Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale.

Copy of Chris' presentation here


Peter Biggs then went on to give a presentation on Healthwatch. The organisation grew out of the PPIF, Public and Patients Information Forum, and subsequently LINK - the Local Involvement Network, both of which became seen as lobbying organisations. Healthwatch Wiltshire is the consumer champion for health care. They are allowed to enter National Health run premises and ask them questions. They ran a series of pilot inspections in care homes last year. They discovered after doing a few of the pilots that most of the scripted questions were redundant. Care Homes are already inspected regularly. However, they did notice that very often the residents themselves weren't asked what they thought. So that's exactly what they did.

Wiltshire Healthwatch is based in Melksham. Wiltshire Council have a Health and Wellbeing Board which Healthwatch also has places on. The organisation have around 50 volunteers, from all walks of life, although most are retired people. The priorities for 2016 are dementia; better care and care in the home.

A question was asked about whether they were allowed to ask about the cost of drugs and the cost of care? Peter explained this was a global problem. The CCGs are looking at encouraging much more cooperation. Gordon King mentioned that NICE offer guidance.

Ian Cunningham asked how volunteers are appointed. Peter explained that there is a selection process, they need references, and they are comprehensively trained. There is however no performance review - Peter agreed that there should perhaps be something set up.

Gordon King observed that Wiltshire is something of a trend-setter in terms of care. They have a respected outcomes driven model.

Updates from our partners

WfCAP (Wiltshire Forum of Community Area Partnerships).

Dawn from WfCAP provided a written report: Wfcap has reconnected with Chippenham CAP health group and I will be visiting them in January. I have also been asked to speak to Amesbury and Marlborough LYNs about Time Credits and the Pewsey model which is engaging with new youth groups and hard to reach young people.


John said that the majority of the appointments their drivers take people to are health appointments. Over 600 journeys to the RUH alone in the past two years. The NHS is not an easy organisation to work with. They often set appointments at 07:30 which means that often elderly volunteer drivers have to get up at 5 in the morning. They sometimes have to hang around for up to 12 ours.

Community Engagement - Liam Cripps reported that there is now a Shed Club in Westbury, they have a chairman, Dan Gmaj, and a temporary home to hold it in, the Leigh Park Community Centre. There have been local offers of sponsorship and they are hoping to establish a permanent home. Liam also mentioned the Emergency Planning Workshop which is coming up at the Laverton on 12th November at 5pm. It's all about what the community can help to do.

Liam also mentioned some statistics regarding a perception of a problem with underage drinking in the town centre. There had been a study undertaken and a report submitted as follows:

On Friday 6th November I went out in Westbury to complete an outreach session in response to the concerns from the town council.

We parked up in the high street car park. We met with a group of 9 youths aged 14 -16 in the high street who were not using any drugs or alcohol. They were from Matravers school. We also met with a group of 8 youths in the main park, they were aged 13, from Matravers school and they reported that they do not use drugs or alcohol. There was a group behind a local shop on the Oldfield park estate. They aged between 14 and 16. They were not using any drugs or alcohol but spoke about how they do drink sometimes. Harm reduction advice regarding alcohol was given to them. In total we saw 24 young people.


Michael Grizzell

Motiv8- Young People's Drug Treatment Service


Area Board.

The next area board is Thursday 10th December. They will be looking at a way forward for Westbury on the evening.

Community Foundation John reported that the first 9 families of Syrian Refugees will arrive in Wiltshire before Christmas and he thanked Wiltshire Council for their exemplary leadership.

Partnership Update.

Carole reported that we have circulated consultations recently on fracking and the public toilets. We are always pleased to hear opinions from the public.

Carole also mentioned the fact that Westbury Court has been taken over by Brighterkind.

Leaflets had been included in the White Horse News.

Bill Fanning unfortunately feels unable to continue as our Health representative and Carole would be pleased to hear from anyone else willing to stand.

Our next BA13 Steering Group meeting is on 1st December at Crosspoint.

Phil mentioned that Ruth Brooks-Martin from the Childrens' Centre had informally asked about funding Christmas workshops at the Centre with families attending. No application had yet been received.

Source - minutes of meeting

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Spice Time Credits - A Case Study in Pewsey

Having left higher education and choosing to take a gap year, I became interested in volunteering for my local community.  When I was informed [by PCAP] that there was a vacancy at Pewsey Library to offer IT support and lessons to those in need, I was happy to take up this opportunity. Since then, every Saturday, I have provided my own knowledge of computers to teach new skills to anyone who books an appointment. I have shown beginners how to browse the web, use word documents, communicate to others via social networking (e.g. emails) and even take an online typing test to allow them to learn and improve. 

I've grown up in a world full of technology and different software being created all the time, even I find it hard to keep up! However for the mature students I help, they're new to all this. I enjoy teaching them because it's rewarding to see them improve because of my lessons. 

In recent months I have become more and more interested in exercise and fitness. The time credits gained from my volunteer work have allowed me to use the gym on several occasions, for young individuals like me out of education, I realise how hard it can be to afford leisure activities. But I've now been able to work out a few times a week, I love it! I also can't wait to use my time credits in the near future to get my nails done at the local beauty store "Body and Soul". So overall, this scheme is being a huge benefit to me. 


October 2015

PCAP aims to encourage new volunteers by offering Spice Time Credits as incentives to young people, the unemployed and those on low incomes.  These are the individuals who will benefit the most from this project. Local service based businesses and clubs donate activities towards this project for free to underpin its community base.

About Spice Time Credits

Spice Time Credits have been implemented in the Pewsey Community Area by the Pewsey Community Area Partnership. It is a local implementation of a national scheme that recognises voluntary contributions to community activities. The Time Credits scheme allows individuals to earn credits for time spent volunteering which they can then spend on time-based activities, either locally or at one of the national Spice Partners.

About the Pewsey Community Area Partnership (PCAP)

PCAP is a voluntary organisation that implements community projects across the Pewsey Community Area in Wiltshire.

About the Spice Project in the Pewsey Community Area

The project began in 2015. Partnership working enables local organisations to get involved, either donating time based activities, using the scheme to recruit volunteers or providing funds to assist in the administration costs of the scheme. Funding and other support has been generously provided by the Pewsey Community Area Partnership, Wiltshire Council and Aster Group which has enabled the project to take place.

Local Partners who have enthusiastically got involved include Absolute Style, Bedwyn Moviola, Body & Soul, Manningford Trout Fishery, Pewsey Children's Centre, Pewsey Community Area Local Youth Network, Pewsey Environmental Action Team, Pewsey Primary School, Pewsey & Bedwyn Youth Groups, Wilton Windmill. 

PCAP will continue to administrate this project but as always we are seeking funds to support this and other work that we do. Visit our website to find out more at Please contact us if you are able to offer any help. m 07802 444022

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Apple Pressing at Well House Sept 20th


A free community apple pressing event took place on Sunday 20th September 2pm in the grounds of Well House Manor, 48 Spa Road Melksham. Cakes and refreshments available to purchase as everyone got stuck in.

The celebrated local photographer Mr Tony Seager kindly took some photos of the Melksham Community Apple Pressing Day. The Mayor, Terri Welch, was kind enough to attend and lend us a hand!

It was a very successful afternoon with well over 25 gallons of apple juice produced from apples that people from all across the community area brought along on the day.

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HACCA - Healthy Active Calne Community Area

An introduction to the Calne HACCA (Healthy Active Calne Community Area) was provided by Georgina Knappe at Calne Area Board in April. The introduction discussed the correlation between obesity and poverty. The HACCA would address poverty and obesity in the community area and would encourage  healthier lifestyles. The group would be made up of local people and agencies working together. Events would be delivered over the coming year to support healthy and active lifestyles. There was a launch event on Saturday 11 April (10:00 - 12:00) outside of Sainsbury's supermarket. Thanks were given to the Chairman for securing the funding for the event. Leaflets were circulated at the meeting, providing further information.

What is it about?

These days our lives can be busy and we don't move about as much as we used to or eat as well. Working long hours and watching too much TV or spending too much time on a computer isn't good for us.

HACCA aims to create lots of fun, cheap and easy opportunities for evceryone to get active and eat well.  Look out for local events like the duck race and town festivals as HACCA plans to "apple bomb" and let everyone know how to get involved.

The HACCA is made up of local people from the Community Area Partnership, Area Board and Children' s Centre.  Visit Calne Community Hub in Town to find out more.  Supported by:

Anybody can cook, Sainsbury's and Calne Town Council.

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Mini artists rule the road!

Pewsey High Street was once again covered in colour as part of the Pewsey Carnival events. Over a hundred people of all ages took part in the Road Art event on Thursday September 10th as part of the Carnival lighting up activities. The aim was to provide a community activity for people to participate in while waiting for the lighting up ceremony before the Four Legged Event.

Local artist Sue Faux of Faux Arts arrived with buckets of paint, brushes and rollers to provide this free community art activity for everyone to enjoy and to add a touch of colour to Pewsey.  The evening was warm and dry and the artists were keen and full of enthusiasm. So much so that the plans for a theme were immediately abandoned as the tarmac quickly disappeared under a layer of paint.

"There was a veritable army of children with parents and other adults involved and the area of tarmac was completely covered in just over an hour" said Dawn Wilson Chair of Pewsey Community Area Partnership who had arranged the event.

"I had to laugh as some children were painting their hands and feet to leave their mark on the High Street.  It was a relief to know that the paint washes off quite easily and is non-toxic"

Thanks go to Wiltshire Council Highways for granting permission for this event, to the Carnival Committee and volunteers, Faux Arts, Pewsey Community Area Partnership and the Local Youth Network for supporting this project and to China Rose for providing the water to mix the paint.

Sadly the artwork did not last very long as the rain over the weekend washed it away as it is designed to do. But the memory of the fun creating it will last much longer.  to video clip

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Road Art returns for Pewsey Carnival September 10th

Remember this from last year? 

Back by popular demand (weather permitting as it cannot take place with rain) local artist Sue Faux of Faux Arts will be back and we will be painting the Road across the bridge in Pewsey again for this year's Carnival on September 10th from 6pm. 

This is a community event supported by Pewsey Community Area Partnership, thePewsey Local Youth Network? and ?Pewsey Carnival? that is free and open to anyone to participate. So why not join in or just come down to watch it take shape. See you there.
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Warminster launches the Community Hub

A new facility is open staffed by experienced volunteers providing a much needed drop-in service following closure of the Warminster Information Centre. WVCAP has created the Hub with grant support from Warminster Town Council and Warminster & Villages Development Trust. It is a centre for local residents and visitors to seek information about local activities, attractions, events, organisations and businesses serving the town and surrounding villages. It will also be part of the Safe Place & Dementia Friendly Town schemes to be rolled out in Warminster during the autumn. 

Warminster's Information Centre was on the brink of being closed down due to a lack of funding and has been saved after downsizing its services and staff numbers. 

The centre, which has been open since 1990, has now been relaunched as the Warminster Community Hub and is to be run entirely by volunteers, with a limited number of services and reduced opening hours. 

Len Turner, chairman of the Warminster and Villages Community Partnership - which took over the centre in 2005 after funding from Wiltshire Council stopped - said: "The Town Council identified the running costs  for everything like the electric and all the day-to-day running costs which was about £500 per month, so they have given use a grant of £6,000 to cover this cost for the rest of the year." 

"There is no guarantee beyond that and we have to demonstrate our real value to the community."

"This does mean that we don't have any money to pay any wages though and we've had to lose our managers."

"They were good managers and it's dramatically sad to lose them after ten years because of the fantastic job they did."

The managers included George Rich and Lesley Blain, as well as deputy manager Barbara Gilmour, who have all lost their jobs as a result of the downsizing. 

Other changes include those to services, with customers no longer able to buy National Express coach tickets or use the DHL parcel service. 

The hub will be open from 10am-4pm on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and 10am-1pm on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. 

Despite the reduction in size and services, Mr Turner is confident that the centre can continue to survive after it re-opened at the start of the month.

"It's a very positive start, we've had good support and we're all coming together," he said.   

"Just by people putting their head around the door and saying 'you're still here', that's brilliant and it does so much for moral.

"It shows we're wanted in the community and now for us it's about getting the right information to people at the right time and do." 

Source Wiltshire Times August 14th 2015

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BA13 Community Plan updated

BA13 or Westbury CAP announced that they had updated their Community Area Plan at the AGM.  Available to download under Your Local Group tab as a pdf file.

Westbury Wheelers a local cycling group gave a very informative presentation at the AGM giving details about issues with local cycling routes and offering ideas on how they could be improved.

We also heard about the work of the local Link Scheme and were introduced to the New Community Engagement Officer Liam Cripps.

Note that until now, BA13+ has operated under Terms of Reference. These were adopted in 2009. They are often asked for a copy of our Constitution when applying for grants, so it is requested that we now formally adopt a new Constitution (based on our existing ToR's).

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Buses in the Pewsey Vale - Connect 2 Wiltshire

From August 17th 2015 your bus service is changing!

Village buses will run across the Pewsey Vale

Direct services between Pewsey and Devizes

Connecting with Pewsey trains and certain 49 and X5 buses

Pewsey evening services

Pick up new timetables from the Connect2 Wiltshire buses or form the following outlets:

Devizes Museum, Long St, Devizes

Wiltshire Council Office, Snuff St, Devizes

Devizes and Pewsey Libraries

The Heritage Centre, Pewsey

The Applecart Café, Pewsey

Available as a downloadable PDF (A4 size) on the Wfcap Website under resources - click here

Alternatively, to receive a leaflet through the post, please call 01380 860100 or email

This pilot is the outcome of a year's work by volunteers with Pewsey and Devizes Community Area Partnerships working with and funded by Wiltshire Council

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Calne on the new A4 Tourist Trail

The sun came out to shine on the Calne Saturday Market on August 10th  where the Tourism Group presented the Wiltshire Cure & the A4 Tourist Route through Calne.  There was a lot of interaction with the townsfolk of Calne and a real wish for information. 

Presenting the Wiltshire Cure was Debbie Smith, Bob Marshall & Jane Marshall amongst other supporters and helpers. There has been a lot of press of late on the rebranding of Calne as the Home of the Wiltshire Cure (Wiltshire Ham). It was great to see the old books from the Heritage Centre out on display and seeing Calne as it was in years gone by. The Harris family cured Ham in a special way and it became as a unique process accredited to Calne. This all came to light from the Our Place project delivered by Calne Community Area Partnership and Calne Town Council.

The stall will also be present at the September Food festival where you will be able to taste Bacon cured in the old fashioned way.

John Skinner was there to answer questions on the proposed A4 tourist route linking Hungerford to Bath. Visit Wiltshire are teaming together other Wiltshire towns on the route. It is hoped it will be a wonderful new route to attract tourists. BBC Wiltshire has been promoting it on the radio for the last few weeks and it seems to have caught the imagination of the whole of Wiltshire. There are lots of fond memories of travelling down the A4. People are already penning lyrics to the tune of Route 66!

Also there was Graham Smith promoting one of our  attractions The Atwell Motor Museum. Graham is currently working on taking a Vintage Car on the route and getting a video put together. Calne is slap bang in the middle of the route and should benefit immensely from the tourists that will drive down it.

It is good to see the Markets of Calne flourish again. Wiltshire Council have done a great job in creating a good market every Friday now in Calne. Chris Robins who was a big factor in the re-emergence has also worked hard on getting the Saturday market going also. Every Second Saturday of the month. Check out the rebrand on the website for Calne Springs CIC  in September.

Source Calne Springs CIC

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WVCAP updated Community Area Plan

Community Area Plan

Here you can download the current community plan and supporting appendices. These are living documents that will be reviewed and regularly updated on this site.

Your Community Plan 2013-2026

Click here
*NEW* The current plan with updates of JSA progress 2015

Appendix 1

Click here
Survey results from public consultation on priorities 2013

Appendix 2

Click here
*NEW* Directory of local organisations

Appendix 3

Click here
Where to publish Warminster events

Appendix 4

Click here
*NEW* JSA update 2014

Appendix 5

Click here
*NEW* JSA monitoring 2015

Appendix 6

Click here
*NEW* Directory of grant funding

Archived Community Plan

Click here
This is the old community plan published for 2005-2015                                              
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Music Mirrors Workshop - a memory tool for those living with dementia

Music Mirrors

The Pewsey Vale Dementia Awareness Group  ran a successful workshop on Music Mirrors on July 29th.

We all know moments when hearing a simple snatch of music opens up a whole world of memories and feelings and makes us think of people, places, words and times long forgotten.   Click here to see a short film.

This innovative workshop was delivered by Heather Edwards in Pewsey on the morning of Wednesday 29th July.  

The purpose of this workshop is to train people on how to create a Music Mirror with an individual so that it can then be used as a memory tool at whatever stage of their life it may be needed. Printed materials, leaflets, information were made available to back up the training and for referral purposes.  

Music Mirrors help people at an early stage of memory loss - or even before that - to make very simple digital resources linking life stories told in their own words to recorded music. This is done so that the words and music are easily portable to follow someone all through their journey.  If they later have to be cared for, go into hospital or can't  speak for themselves, the Music Mirror can be used as comfort and to help unfamiliar carers to connect and get to know them.

Used by NHS (Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital) Age UK Norwich, Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Mental Health Trust. Schools involved via community engagement (Norwich High, Gresham's, Open Academy). Supported by Bishop Graham James.

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Bus Survey - information needed about buses

Wiltshire Council is looking to cut 50% of its bus subsidy budget next year, and the impact is already beginning to be felt.

The Melksham Rail Link bus ran for the last time on 17th July 2015.

The First bus on route 234 (daytime) will finish on 1st August 2015, and the evening service is in doubt beyond that too.

Some First Bus 272 services from Bath on Monday to Friday are being withdrawn from 23rd August 2015 - the earliest service will now be at about 08:30 from Bath. 

Trowbridge town service T1 is withdrawn on 1st August. The Pewsham estate (Chippenham) service route 231, and Batheaston service route 231, are being withdrawn on 23rd August. 

There will undoubtedly be considerably more services changed or stopped completely in the coming months.

Our partners in the Trans Wilts transport group are undertaking a survey to try and ascertain the impact of some of this and would very much appreciate a few minutes of your time in completing a few online questions:


[sgd] Phil McMullen for on and on behalf of
Melksham Community Area Partnership


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BOA Fringe Festival a great success and needs support for 2016

The 5th Annual Fringe Festival in Bradford on Avon was a great success and planning for 2016 is already under way. Our resident mannequins (24 in all) popped up around the town in a glittering array of designs. Rumour has it they'll be back. There were several community-based film evenings, including 'work-in-progress' on Disability Friendly BoA and a community-led social history of the Avon Rubber Factory. Thanks to our WFCAP colleague, Colin Goodhind, we had a lovely evening with Somerset Films. Also check out Positive Images Films who have filmed a huge variety of social issue films from their base in town. 

As ever the town was peppered with musical happenings: Trowbridge Symphony Orchestra and a 5-choir Harmonic Picnic holding up the more highbrow end, with Wild West burlesque, casinos and raucous goings-on from our Fringe HQ at The Three Horseshoes. English Trad., blues, industrial folk, comedy-poetry (thank you Dawn Gorman and Merv Grist) and more.

We managed about 40  free of charge events with a miniscule budget. Thank you especially to our lovely Town Council who sponsored all publicity, website etc. We're still counting but suspect we made a significant loss (almost all events are free) but had a fabulous time. Is there a generous Fringe Sponsor out there somewhere?

Jim Lynch

Fringe Coordinator

Image from thisiswiltshire - Glenn Phillips GP55605-3

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Pewsey Vale Tourism Partnership launches its new website

The Partnership came about after the Pewsey Community Area Partnership (PCAP) held an event in September 2014 - Tourism Matters in the Pewsey Vale.  From the feedback at that event, businesses indicated that they would value an organisation that focused on the visitor-economy in the Pewsey Vale.  PCAP then set up some meetings with local business owners and other tourism-related organisations, together with a Business Event and Branding Workshop.  

Having obtained funding from the Sustainable Development Fund run by the North Wessex Downs AONB, the Visit Pewsey Vale website is now in place, as well as two Facebook pages (Visit Pewsey Vale directed towards the visitor, Pewsey Vale Tourism Partnership directed towards the businesses) and a Twitter account - @visitpewseyvale.

This work has also been supported by Visit Wiltshire. PCAP has funded the Pewsey page on their website for the past two years. The Pewsey Vale page on VisitWiltshire's website, provides information on the area and links to those businesses located in the Vale who are also Visit Wiltshire Partners.  In the past year the efforts of the Pewsey Vale Tourism Partnership has seen the number of visits to the Pewsey Page of Visit Wiltshire increase by over 270%. The aim is to improve this further.

Now that the Pewsey Vale Tourism Partnership is up and running, they are able to offer membership for businesses located in the Pewsey Vale.
For the first year, the membership is just £40 - the benefits include:

The membership fees will support the administration of the group, maintenance of the new website and pay for the page on the Visit Wiltshire website.  Through this and advertisements the Pewsey Vale Tourism Group hope to become self-sustainable.  But there is still a way to go!

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Safe Places launched at Calne Summer Festival

The National scheme designates locations as recognisable SAFE PLACES that will provide a safe environment for vulnerable people or anyone who might find themselves needing help or support whilst out and about the town.

The scheme has been set up by Calne Community Safety Forum part of the Calne Community Area Partnership in conjunction with Calne Town Council, Wiltshire Council, PCC, Victim Support and Wiltshire Age UK and is a partnership between local businesses, services and voluntary groups, overseen by the Wiltshire Community Safety Partnership.

The scheme has strong support from retailers, businesses and organisations in and around Calne. It will provide a valuable community service for our more vulnerable residents. When someone uses a SAFE PLACE they will be listened to, reassured, supported and offered time and a safe place to wait. People can choose to carry an ICE (in case of emergency) contact card which can be obtained from the Safe Places Scheme and local libraries or support cards such as Dementia Help Cards.

Participating shops and businesses will display the above A5 sticker in a prominent window position, and Calne Safety Forum volunteers will visit local groups to promote the scheme and maintain the relationship between users and supporters.

Our thanks go to the following shops and businesses who have already signed up to the scheme:

  • Boots
  • Butfield Breach
  • Beversbrook Sports & Community Facility
  • Laundramagic
  • Upper Crust Sandwich Bar
  • Sampaguita Café
  • The Lansdowne Strand Hotel
  • Johnson & Daltrey Funeral Directors
  • Real Hair (on Beach Terrace)
  • Calne Visitor Information Ctre
  • Atwell Martin Estate Agents
  • Quemerford Post Office
  • The Talbot Inn
  • The London Road Inn
  • The Black Horse @ Cherhill
  • The Leisure Centre
  • Fay's Bistro
  • The Library
  • The Community Hub
  • The Co-operative Food Store
  • Sainsbury's Supermarket
  • The Drop in Centre
  • Patford House Surgery
  • Odette, Funeral Director
  • Northlands Surgery
  • Beversbrook Medical Centre
  • Calne Heritage Centre
  • The Jenny Wren
Source - Calne Town Council and Safe Places
<!-- en-GB-->Safe Places launched at Calne Summer Festival<!-- en-GB-->

Another successful Blue Light Day for Tidworth CAP