Car Parking Strategy

Wiltshire Council is currently consulting on its new Car Parking Strategy. We are keen to hear the views of residents, stakeholders and other interested parties to help us shape the new Strategy. The Council has made no decisions at this stage and would like to see how far you agree or disagree with the presented options, or alternatively suggest your own. Consultation documents and questionnaires can be viewed and completed via the consultation portal If you are interested in more than one area please click on those areas as well and complete the survey.

The consultation runs until the 16th of January 2015 and we hope to get as many views as possible.

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Launch of Wiltshire Loves Arts

Wiltshire Loves Arts is a listings page created as a part of the Visit Wiltshire website.  This is a free listing service for all arts and cultural organisations to promote your events across the county and to everyone visiting Wiltshire.

If you would like your event to be featured on the Wiltshire Loves Arts website, all you need to do is complete a web form and submit it along with an image or photo for each event.

Once submitted, your content will be reviewed and published to the website when complete.  You will receive an email confirming this.  Please remember to complete a form for every new event you want to promote throughout the year.

Salisbury Festival and Wiltshire's other main arts organisations are supporting the development of Wiltshire Loves Arts for the benefit of all cultural organisations.

If you have any further enquiries, please contact:

Shared from Arts in Wiltshire
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Sport England Get Healthy Get Active - Second Round opens

Alongside Public Health England we want to drive a step change in the public's health. Tackling inactivity is a key part of making this step change to reduce the burden of preventable death, disease and disability, and support people and their communities to achieve their potential.

Aligned to our aspiration of getting more people participating in sport once a week Get Healthy, Get Active is focused on those who are Inactive as this is where we can make a significant contribution to reducing health inequalities and produce the greatest potential health benefit. 

The Get Healthy, Get Active fund aims to:

  • get more inactive people playing sport once a week for at least 30 minutes;
  • achieve a better understanding of sports contribution to improving public health and the prevention, treatment and management of long term conditions;
  • enable sport and physical activity to be regularly commissioned to meet a wider range of agendas but particularly focusing on reducing health and social care costs;
  • achieve a reduction in health inequalities
The online application portal for submitting a project for Get Healthy Get Active Funding opened on Thursday 4 December. Please click here to apply for the programme.

For more visit the website
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A consultation on the future location of specialist dementia hospital care

Why do we need a specialist dementia hospital care?

When someone has moderate to severe dementia there may be times when they cannot be supported at home. When this happens they may need assessment, treatment and care that is best delivered by healthcare staff who have special training and knowledge. This type of care is usually given in a specialist dementia hospital or unit. 

Stays at this type of hospital are usually quite short about 84 days.  The idea is to help people get well enough so that they can return home or to a care home.

In Wiltshire fewerr than 120 people need this special hospital service each year.

What happens at the moment?

At the moment specialist dementia care are temporarily provided at Amblescroft South, Fountain Way, Salisbury. Beds are and will continue to be available at The Victoria Centre in Swindon and St. Martin's Hospital, Bath.   In the past, there were also specialist beds at Charter House in Trowbridge . In February 2013, Charter House in Trowbridge was closed and all specialist dementia beds moved to Salisbury. 

What is the consultation all about?

The service at Amblescroft in Salisbury is only temporary.  NHS Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) want to find a permanent place for these services. This is so that people with dementia can receive all the care and assessment they need from specialist health professionals quickly and in one place.

There are three possible locations:

1. Charter House, Trowbridge.

2. Avebury Ward at Green Lane Hospital, Devizes

3. Amblescroft South, Fountain Way, Salisbury      

Please Note: Whatever option is chosen, beds will still be available in Swindon and Bath

For further information and to complete the survey click here.

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British Science Week (March 2015) Community Grant

This new grant scheme offers £500 for community groups whose targeted audience/participants include those not traditionally engaged with science. These might be people who are Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME); with low socio-economic status (SES); not in education employment or training (NEET); or who live in a remote and rural location.

The deadline for BSW 2015 Community Grant applications has been extended to 9am on 9 December 2014.

To apply:

Please read the application guidelines carefully, which contain our selection criteria and details about what we can and cannot fund

Community Grant guidelines

Community Grant flyer

Register your BSW event and complete the relevant information to apply for the grant (be sure to have your financial information ready - see grant guidelines above). Don't worry if you don't yet have all the details for your event - just register with as much information as you have!

If you have any questions, please contact the British Science Association:


A celebration of the best of British science, technology, engineering and maths - featuring fascinating, entertaining and engaging events across the UK.

This may suit any community based astronomy groups wishing to hold an engagement event and/or promote Dark Skies.

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Grow Wild Community Project Funding

Grow Wild is awarding funding of £1,000 to £4,000 to community groups that want to bring people together to transform a communal space by sowing and growing UK native plants.

If your group has an inspiring idea to connect people to nature, then apply before2 December 2014 for your chance to join our lively network. 

What's what?

  • They're looking to fund at least 60 groups in 2015 across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. There's lots of support available from their team during the three-month application window in autumn 2014.
  • The groups that are awarded funding will be notified in February 2015 ready to start their project in March and finish by October 2015. Each group shares their journey online through a dedicated profile page plus social and press media. Grow Wild helps at every stage to publicise groups and their projects.
  • What's more, funded groups join the 75 groups that Grow Wild funded in 2014 and those that we'll fund in 2016. Alongside their funded flagship sites in each UK country and 100 youth-led projects, Grow Wild is building a network of people that bring colour and wildlife to their community's shared spaces. 

Find out what Grow Wild is looking to fund where you live and request our 2015 application form.  But take a look at project application guidance and other resources available on the Grow Wild Website.

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Healthy Hearts Grants

Heart Research UK has announced that its Health Hearts Grants Programme will re-open for applications in January 2015. Heart Research UK Healthy Heart Grants support innovative projects designed to promote heart health and to prevent or reduce the risks of heart disease in specific groups or communities.

Grants of up to £10,000 are available to community groups, voluntary organisations and researchers who are spreading the healthy heart message.

The closing date for applications will be the 28th February 2015. Read more online 

Taken from Arts Wiltshire Blog

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Start up grants for Heritage Projects

Not-for-profit organisations and partnerships can apply for start-up grants of £3,000 to £10,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The funds can be used to create a new organisation to look after or engage people with heritage, or for existing groups to take on new responsibilities for heritage. Start-up grants can support the early stages of planning an organisation's activities.

For organisations not yet formally constituted, the grants can help to adopt the right governance structure. For organisations further along in their development, a Start-up grant can also help explore options for managing and sustaining their heritage project in the future, or carrying out early scoping work to inform a future application for project funding.

Applications can be submitted at any time and will be assessed within eight weeks. Read more online 

Taken from Arts Wiltshire blog

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Wiltshire Online Community Grants

What activities could be considered?

Example activities include:

1. Running a regular computer support group showing people how to:

  • Get started with computers
  • Search the web
  • Shop online
  • Use Skype, email and social media
  • Use a digital camera

2. Providing support to people who need to access:

  • Universal Credit
  • Council online services
  • Government online services
  • Online job vacancies and applications

3.  Running drop in sessions for small businesses and the self-employed to improve their use of technology and facilitate networking, for example:

  • Providing a shared working space
  • Supporting the use of social media
  • Running a workshop on building a website 

4. Establishing publicly accessible computer and internet access, e.g. internet café or village hall

Is there an activity that would be looked upon most favourably?

No. They will be happy to receive applications including the tried and tested or new and unique projects. All you have to do is ensure that you can answer YES to this question:

Does your activity support individual adults or groups of adults to become more confident with computers and the internet at a local level?

What can I spend the grant money on?

Funding is only available for capital spending, i.e. physical resources.

Examples of eligible expenditure include:

  • Providing Wi-Fi availability within a local venue by funding a Wi-Fi router, cabling and one year's broadband running costs to support a new computer club
  • Desktop, laptop or tablet computers for individual or group use
  • Secure storage units for computers and peripherals used to support digital literacy activities
  • Printer, scanner, digital cameras or web cams to support digital literacy activities
  • Portable Wi-Fi, e.g. 3G dongles for individual or group use
  • Accessibility equipment, e.g. large print keyboards, adapted mice, large screens and height adjustable chairs

The grant cannot be spent upon payment of a person's time, such as a qualified trainer. Items including software, subscriptions and broadband line rental (for the first year only) can be funded but should not make up the whole project costs.   

What makes a good application?

When you submit your application it is a good idea to ensure you can answer the following questions:

Benefits to the community

  • Who will benefit? Is there a group that you already have in mind?
  • What is the likely take-up?

Spreading the word 

  • How will the project be promoted?


  • Where and for how often will the project be running?
  • Where will any high value resources be stored?
  • How accessible will they be?
  • Are there any special considerations, for example of insurance?
  • Who will be responsible for the project?
  • How will the project be sustained?
  • Are there any existing groups running similar activities in your community? 
  • How will you know if the project is successful?

Feeling inspired?

If you would like to discuss your application informally you can call the Wiltshire Online team on 01225 793349.  They can offer advice, information and an opportunity to discuss ideas; the final decision on the success of all applications will sit within the Area Boards' usual decision making process.

How do I apply for the grant?

The grants will be made available through your local Area Board. Wiltshire is divided into 18 Community Areas each served by an Area Board.  You can find more information about your local Area Board here.

Each Area Board has a community grant scheme. Information about the application process and guidance can be found here. Wiltshire Online has made £1500 available to each community area.

You will need to apply for the Wiltshire Online grant using the new online grant application process.

Grants tracker:

To see case studies of projects already delivered visit the Wiltshore Online Website

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Repair Cafe in Trowbridge

Local Voluntary and Community Groups are supporting a Repair Cafe in Trowbridge. Menders will be available to repair items of clothing, textiles, computers, small electrical items and furniture. The repair cafe takes place on 

Saturday 22nd November at Dorothy House Shop, 2 Wicker Hill,Trowbridge, BA14 8JS from 10:00am - 1:00pm

If you have mending skill and would like to volunteer then contact Emma Croft, Community Waste Minimisation Officer,(01380) 736077 or email Repair Cafe's take place across the county so contact Emma if you would like to volunteer in a different community area or would like to arrange your own Repair Cafe.

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Link2Nature Small Grants Fund 2014

What is the purpose of the fund?

Link2Nature has a small grants fund of £5,000 provided by Public Health Wiltshire to award to local community groups. The aim is to enable groups to record and communicate their work to improve their local green space.  The funds will assist groups to:

-          record and communicate their work to a wider audience;

-          engage directly with the wider partnership of Link2Nature;

-          contribute to building an evidence base which can be used for future planning. 

Examples of projects which can be considered:

-          Setting up walking, cycling or other activity groups which utilise local green space for health benefits.

-          Setting up or supporting an existing survey/recording group which will provide biological records to the Wiltshire and Swindon Biological Records Centre (WSBRC).

-          An event which raises awareness of the work of the group and Link2Nature.

-          Equipment for enhancing the local environment e.g. wildlife gardens / community allotments / litter or waste event or activities.

-          Setting up a local environment action group.

What can funds be spent on?

Funds must be spent on working towards the enhancement/protection of, or engagement with, the natural environment.  Applications can be considered for funds towards:

-          recording equipment such as cameras and video recorders.

-          other equipment needed to support an existing or new project.

-          publicity material or display equipment for the group.

-          the costs of a community event which raises awareness of the group's work.

Applications must demonstrate value for money and a need for the project/equipment.

How will the fund be distributed?

-          One application per group is permitted for a grant up to a maximum of £500. Funding is on a one-off basis and is not renewable. Funding will not be awarded retrospectively.

-          Applications will be accepted until 31st December 2014 or until the funds have been allocated, whichever is sooner. Notification of the fund's closure will be via the Link2Nature website.

Who can apply?

Grants will be awarded to not-for-profit groups with a bank account and designated officers, whose work is primarily focused within the administrative area of Wiltshire Council. For example:

-          an existing or potential community group;

-          a Parish Council aiming to improve the environment and community engagement with the environment within the parish;

-          a club or association with a project which aligns with the aims and objectives of Link2Nature (please see for details).

Grant funding cannot be awarded to individuals and applications will not be accepted from individuals.

How to apply

-          All applications must be made using the application form available on the Link2Nature website:

-          All applications must provide any requested evidence and supporting documentation.

-          Applications and supporting documentation can be returned to via email to or by post to: Link2Nature, Small Grants Fund, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, Elm Tree Court, Long Street, Devizes, Wiltshire, SN10 1NJ.

-          Please allow up to four weeks for your application to be considered and a decision made.


The Link2Nature website will be used to communicate and promote the use of funds by community groups. Link2Nature reserves the right to use images, video, data and other outputs from the use of funds for publicity and promotional purposes.

Notification, Payments and Reporting:

-          All decisions on applications will be made by the Executive Group of Link2Nature and will be on merit and will be final.  There is no appeal process.

-          Decisions on applications will be communicated to the group's nominated contact by email.

-          If approved, funds will be transferred by BACS transfer to a nominated bank account.

-          An evidenced report should be submitted to the LNP Coordinator on completion of the project or event, including photographs and/or video evidence of the work being undertaken and on completion. 

-          For projects such as surveying and recording, on-going records should be submitted by agreement directly to the WSBRC.

-          All funds must be spent within six months of granting.

-          All evidence of expenditure must be provided to Link2Nature within one month of spend.

-          Other reporting requirements will be agreed upon approval of the application. 

September 2014

Golden Bottle Trust and the Bulldog Trust Funding

The initiative has been called a 'revolutionary "criteria-free" grant-making scheme' and aims to provide small to medium sized charitable organisations with the chance to access funding of between £1000 and £30,000 without a complicated and time consuming application process. The aim of this collaborative funding initiative is to make transformational grants - grants that enable charities to take a step forward in their development and do something they were not able to do before.

For many organisations looking to finance new projects, seeking funding can be extremely difficult and in some cases, impossible. Common problems include time consuming application processes, minimum grant levels being too high, the project not fitting into a specific funding category or the organisation not meeting the strict criteria often required.

This funding initiative aims to assist applicants, right from the start of the application process by NOT requiring applicants to complete an application form but instead asking applicants to say what they need.

It is intended that applicants provide simple details of their organisation along with some basic figures to support their request for funding. There are no criteria, save that the project be charitable and that our funding will really make a difference and move their organisation forward.

Closing date of next round - 14th November and there will be a cap of 300 applications, so submit your application as early as possible.

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Connect2 Service Review Consultation

Connect2 Service Review

Earlier last month Devizes Passenger Group and DCAP Transport Group emailed details about their alternative option for the Connect 2 Wiltshire services developed in partnership with Pewsey Community Area Partnership.  The proposal was submitted to Wiltshire Council for consultation this month.  Due to emergency replacement contracts arising from the demise of Hatts Travel, the Public Transport Unit has had to postpone this consultation, and consequently the public meeting.


The public meeting and presentation originally scheduled for Wednesday 24 September has had to be cancelled.  It will now be held on Wednesday, 12  November at 7pm at the Corn Exchange, Devizes.   Transport has been arranged for those wishing to travel from Pewsey and villages. 


There will also be a drop in event on Tuesday, 11th November from 2:30pm to 8:00pm at Bouverie Hall, Pewsey.


They would be very grateful if you could pass on these dates to your groups or networks.


The C2W bus services are relevant to a great many people in the Devizes and Pewsey areas: those living or working in the villages between Devizes and Pewsey, Pewsey centre, villages between Pewsey and Burbage, those wishing to visit the countryside or access Pewsey station to/from Devizes and Pewsey.


Further details together with the consultation document will be circulated in due course.  We understand these will be ready in the middle of October for six weeks.  

This consultation is a great demonstration of two community area partnerships (Devizes and Pewsey) working together sharing skills and expertise to make a difference for the benefit of local residents.
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Removal of low use public telephone Boxes - Closes Jan 8th 2015

Payphones Consultation


Wiltshire Council have received notification from BT regarding consultation on their current programme of proposed public payphone removals. 

There are currently 85 public payphones which have very low usage levels and BT propose to remove them following a full consultation. Details of these payphones are shown in a seperate document which includes telephone numbers and addresses. BT has also placed consultation notices in the relevant payphone kiosks. 

Wiltshire Council are required to carry out their own consultation process to canvas the views of the local community. Therefore, they are seeking the views of parish councils, Wiltshire Councillors and other groups and organisations representing the community on the removal of these payphones. 

Please can reasons be provided for any objections to the removal of specific phones as a blanket objection is unlikely to carry much weight. 

BT have provided some examples of factors that may be relevant (see link to their guidance at bottom of page):


. If there is predominantly privately rented or council housing in the area, this may suggest  people on a lower income without access to mobile and fixed telephones and support the view that a public call box should be retained.

. There may be concerns about access to telephones services in areas with particular low population densities.

. The payphone may be sited in an area of particularly poor mobile phone coverage.

. There may be a higher than average need to access emergency services, including breakdown services due to specific local factors for example, the call box is near a known accident black-spot.


BT offers the opportunity for parish councils and registered charities to adopt a kiosk for just £1, thereby protecting the heritage of the community. 

Details about this can be found at 

The consultation period will close on 8 January 2015 so we would be very grateful if you could return your comments by 22 December 2014 as all responses need to be collated and channelled via a single point of contact. 

Please can comments to be returned to Tim Martienssen at Wiltshire Council who will co-ordinate the response on behalf of the Council: 

Tim Martienssen

Head of Service

Economic Development and Planning

Wiltshire Council

Bythesea Road, Trowbridge, BA14 8JN

Tel: 01249 706548

Mobile: 07766 085103 

BT will normally remove payphones as soon as possible after the consultation period has ended. 

Full guidance on the removal process can be viewed at:

The guidance also details the appeals process BT is required to follow in case of unreasonable objections. 

Wiltshire Council will submit a response to BT on each payphone. 

All correspondence to BT should be addressed at:

BT Payphones, 4TH FLOOR, Monument TE, 11-13 Great Tower Street, London, EC3R 5AQ

or via email to

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WFRS Government funding promised for potential merger

Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service 

Government funding promised for potential merger 

The Government has earmarked £5.54 million to support a potential combination of Wiltshire and Dorset Fire & Rescue Services. 

The bid was made by Wiltshire FRS on behalf of the two organisations and is one of 37 projects nationally to win financial support. 

If the Fire Authorities of Wiltshire and Dorset agree to a merger, the money - from the Fire Transformation Fund - will be used to:

  • Further strengthen the focus on prevention by extending the unique and award-winning education facilities of Streetwise to the communities of Wiltshire and Swindon, creating a multi-agency strategic hub in a central geographic location that provides easy access for partners;
  • Harmonise ICT infrastructure to assist in addressing the challenges of being a large and predominantly rural Fire & Rescue Service; and
  • Drive transition towards a new Combined Fire Authority. 

Wiltshire and Swindon Combined Fire Authority will meet on 11 November to decide whether or not to seek a merger with Dorset. 

A 13 week consultation on three options for ways that Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service could operate closes this week, and responses from the public, staff, partners and other interested parties are now being collated. 

As well as an on-line questionnaire, the consultation included residents' forums, meetings with local businesses and voluntary groups, and presentations at Area Boards. 

People were asked to express their preference for the following three options:

  • Scenario 1: Remain independent and increase collaboration with Wiltshire Council and Swindon Borough Council.
  • Scenario 2: Remain independent and increase collaboration with Dorset Fire Authority while also collaborating with Wiltshire Council and Swindon Borough Council.
  • Scenario 3: Merge with Dorset Fire Authority to create a single Combined Fire Authority while also collaborating with Wiltshire Council and Swindon Borough Council. 

A parallel consultation was carried out in Dorset, and the Fire Authority there is meeting on 4 November to decide whether to seek a merger with Wiltshire. 

The business cases for combination, the consultation report and other supporting documents will be available on-line at and from 28 October, ahead of these two public meetings.

Wiltshire Climate Coalition unites to face climate crisis

In the wake of the devastating Synthesis Report by the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), activists from across Wiltshire are dedicating themselves to a new coalition to face the coming climate crisis.  The Wiltshire Climate Coalition was born from September's historic People's Climate March - the biggest ever global call for climate action.

Judy Hindley, a co-founder of Marlborough Climate Pledge, is a member of the new Wiltshire Climate Coalition.  She said, "The IPCC's Synthesis Report tells us there is not a moment to lose.  Global warming is set to inflict 'severe, widespread, and irreversible impacts' on people and the natural world unless carbon emissions are cut sharply and rapidly. 

"Despite the devastating impacts described in the Synthesis Report, the central message is one of hope: if we face the challenge of global warming, we can fix it."

The Wiltshire Climate Coalition includes concerned individuals and representatives from many Wiltshire- and Swindon-based organisations.1 It will campaign for positive solutions, and raise awareness of the dangers of runaway climate change.   

To stay below 2°C, a temperature rise commonly agreed to be the trigger point for dangerous climate destabilisation; we must cut atmospheric CO2 levels by at least 80% by 2050.  This means that most known fossil fuel reserves must stay in the ground. 

Divestment from fossil fuels is a solution already taking root in Britain.  Around the world, churches, universities, businesses, individuals and local government have already taken more than £30bn out of investments in the carbon-rich coal, oil and gas industries. 

Ms Hindley said, "We need urgently to pull our personal and public money out of fossil fuel investments.  To stay below 2°C of warming, we can only emit another 565 gigatons of carbon dioxide.  Fossil fuel companies already have five times that amount in their coal, oil and gas reserves.

"It is several years since UN Secretary General Ban-Ki-Moon said, 'The science is clear - the time is short - the political will is missing.'  The Wiltshire Climate Coalition hopes to help change that.  We know it's possible.  We just need to work together to achieve a safer world."

For more information please contact:

Judy Hindley:, 01672 514093

Notes to editors

1. The Wiltshire Climate Coalition includes concerned individuals and the following Wiltshire- and Swindon-based organisations: Transition Marlborough/Marlborough Climate Pledge, Pewsey Environmental Action Team, Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon, Swindon Climate Action Network, Incredible Edible Swindon and South Wiltshire Agenda 21

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£23 million to get more neighbourhood plans across England

Ministers today (31 October 2014) announced £23 million new funding to encourage more communities across England to get involved in neighbourhood planning, allowing local people to put forward and vote on their proposals for the type of development in their area, and where it should go.

Local people can draw up 'neighbourhood plans' that can be used in determining planning applications, and 'neighbourhood development orders' that grant planning permission, and vote them into force in a referendum.

Around 1,200 communities across England have already begun the process of neighbourhood planning, with 33 plans and 1 order having been approved in local referendums - a 100% success rate. The coalition government has so far supported more than 700 local groups with developing their plans.

Housing Minister Brandon Lewis said:

With more than a thousand communities across the country already involved in neighbourhood planning this government is giving local people a real say in shaping what gets built where in their local area, and encouraging much needed new house building.

I now want to take this further, to get more people and communities involved in neighbourhood planning, and the £23 million I am announcing today will help many more community groups to bring their neighbourhood plans into reality.

Minister for Communities Stephen Williams said:

This coalition government pledged right from the start to give people back powers to decide for themselves how to run their community and this additional £23 million for neighbourhood planning is another example of how we're delivering on that.

Whether it's allowing people to list a treasured local asset against sell off, encouraging share offers to buy the local pub or getting people together to decide what should be built where, this coalition government is shifting power back locally.

Neighbourhood planning - part of the coalition government's localism agenda to give more power to local people - allows people to choose where new housing and businesses should go, the size and density of new building and can give the green light to developments.

The funding announced today will help more communities become neighbourhood planning areas by:

  • providing community groups a further £1 million for grants during this financial year, in addition to the £4.25 million already awarded since 2013 - grants of up to £7,000 can now be applied for on
  • making available £22.5 million over 2015 to 2018 to provide community groups with expert advice, grant funding and technical assistance to get neighbourhood plans and orders from their inception to their coming into force following a local referendum - this is a 50% increase in the value of the existing support
  • providing £100,000 to enable groups to organise workshops on neighbourhood planning in their local area, run by knowledgeable advocates of neighbourhood planning and aiming to give communities the information and encouragement needed to start on a neighbourhood plan
Press release from the Department for Communities and Local Government.
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Tidworth Time Credits to launch on November 5th

Tidworth's Time Credits programme funded by the Military Covenant in Tidworth is about to get up and running with a Time Credits Design Event in Tidworth Leisure Centre Community Hall from 9am to 4pm Wednesday 5th November. Local residents and groups are invited to pop in at any time to find out about time credits and explore possible earn and spend opportunities. For more information on Tidworth Time Credits contact Gurjit on 07429 449163 or  or Joyce at

Taken from Wiltshire Timecredits newsletter October

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Healthwatch Wiltshire is currently recruiting to two posts.

Healthwatch Wiltshire is currently recruiting to two posts. 

Volunteer and Engagement Officer, 22.5 hours working, £20,000 pro rata

Temporary for 2 years (extension subject to funding)


Communications and Information Officer, 22.5 hours a week, £20,000 pro rata.

Temporary until March 2016.


Closing date for applications. Midnight Sunday 19 October 2014 


For more information about the post and to download an application form please visit or telephone 01225 434218 

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Strengthening our Fire and Rescue Service: A briefing on the options

Strengthening our Fire and Rescue Service: A briefing on the options


Wiltshire & Swindon Fire Authority would like to invite your members of the community and organisations that attend Community Area Boards to attend one of the following meetings. The aim of the meetings is to inform the community about the work so far undertaken to strengthen the future outlook for the fire and rescue service and the options open to the Wiltshire & Swindon Fire Authority. There will be the time for a fuller explanation to be provided and there will be the opportunity to ask questions.

Wiltshire & Swindon Fire Authority would really welcome CAB members and partners attendance and feedback in helping to shape our thinking and future direction.


Date                           Start Time     Location


13th October 2014    2.30pm          Michael Herbert Hall, North Street, Wilton

13th October 2014              Civic Centre, St Stephens Place, Trowbridge


14th October 2014    2.30pm          Assembly Room, St John Street, Devizes

14th October 2014   Town Hall, High Street, Chippenham

The venue will be open for networking and tea/coffee 30 minutes before the meeting is due to commence.


To assist the event planning, it is requested that representatives wishing to attend book a place on the meeting of choice by advising Michael Franklin, Partnerships & Community Engagement Manager as soon as possible, either by post to the address shown below or telephone, alternatively by email:


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Job Opportunity with Spice Time Credits

We have a new role being advertised, Tidworth Time Credits Facilitator.  We are  working in partnership with Wiltshire Council, the Ministry of Defence and local community groups to use Time Credits to connect military and non military families across Tidworth, achieving two key objectives:

  • ·       Encourage activities which integrate the armed forces community into local life
  • ·       Encourage the armed forces community to help and support the wider community through events, joint projects and other forms of engagement

The job advert for the Tidworth Time Credits Facilitator role is now live on Spice's website:

 The deadline for applications is 9am on Monday 6th October 2014. Please can you share this within your networks.

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Older Peoples Day Event on October 4th

Older Peoples Day Event 
Saturday October 4th at County Hall, Trowbridge.

As part of Older Peoples Week, Wiltshire Council is hosting a free event to celebrate the older generation and their valuable contribution to our society.

Any organisation that works with older people that would like to get involved are invited to exhibit.

This will include fun and interactive sessions. Get in touch by contacting; tel: 01225 713573. 
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Tourism Matters in the Pewsey Vale

PCAP is running 'Tourism Matters in the Pewsey Vale' - a tourism industry event at Pewsey Heritage Centre in the High Street, Pewsey on Tuesday 30th September from 11am to 2pm.  The Heritage Centre has recently been refurbished and exhibits interesting artefacts and fascinating story boards from the Pewsey area. 

Local businesses are invited to attend the event, which will focus specifically on opportunities within the Pewsey Vale, based on recent research commissioned by VisitWiltshire for the whole of the county as well as opportunities identified by the NWD AONB.  This Pewsey Vale view will be of interest to anyone who works in, runs or is thinking of setting up a tourism-based business here in the Vale, as well as businesses who support tourism by being a support service or part of the destination, such as shops, restaurants, pubs and food producers.

As a special offer for the event, VisitWiltshire is offering a 10% discount on the first year of membership of VisitWiltshire for any businesses who sign up at the event!


The event is free, but please RSVP to book a place to

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Tidworth Military Musical Pageant 2014

This event takes place on September 27th at the Tattoo Ground in Tidworth.

It includes the Military Wives Choir, Fireworks and a concert to follow.

One of the largest military musical events of the year!

Bring a picnic, but no BBQs allowed.

Gates open 16-30.
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Pass It On Calendar of Events

"Pass It On: Harvest of Wandering" is the result of a creative initiative developed in Wiltshire over the summer of 2014. It collaboratively explored walking and mapping, how values are transmitted, and the use of digital technology in a rural environment. 


Pass It On arose from the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) partnership with Wiltshire Council on their campus development programme and sits alongside the partnership's Arts and Social Change initiatives. The RSA seeks to to support those developing, using or running a campus in finding creative ways of working.


Lead artist Dominic Campbell has spent the past few months talking, walking and exploring the lives and experiences of people living and working in Corsham and surrounding areas.  From Tuesday 16th to Friday 26th September, alongside an ongoing exhibition of artworks inspired by this exploration, Dominic has curated a full programme of workshops, walks and talks.  All events are free and open to all.  Click here  for the programme and here   to register for free tickets

The first events in the Pass it On - Harvest of Wandering programme are Tuesday 16th Sept. Ideas Club - Walking Change is an open discussion group in which artists working through walking in Wiltshire are joined by local walkers and academics to discuss what happens when we are walking. An informal exchange and a chance to share knowledge.  Join us at the Springfield Campus, Corsham at 7pm. A workshop, Mapping this Fantastical Future, is on the same day at 2pm. 


Other highlights include the Optimistic Supper on Friday 26 September at 7.30pmThis will be a fun and stimulating evening and an opportunity to hear about local community and arts projects, with project leaders optimistically pitching for your support.  Good food and good company, and the chance to make positive change.  The event will be held in Room 1 at Springfield Campus.


Contact Natalie Remington for further information 07855080092 or




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Meet The Funder November 18th in Devizes

Meet the Funder 2014


Tuesday 18th November, 9:30 - 4pm, Devizes


The Community Foundation for Wiltshire & Swindon invites you to a one-day conference for community and charity groups.


Speakers include: Big Lottery, Lloyds Foundation, Comic Relief

Workshops from: Lloyds Foundation, Comic Relief,


TICKETS NOW ON SALE, £7.50 per person, lunch included, for more details and to book online visit:


Supported by the Blagrave Trust, Wilshire & Swindon Funding Network and Develop.

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Climate Change March - London

Whoever said people aren't interested in climate change!  Sunday's Climate Change March in central London on Sunday 21st September attracted around 40,000 people.   This is about four times the number that was anticipated by the event's organisers.  In Manchester, another 4000 or 5000 people marched round the city centre to rally outside the Labour Conference.   It was inspiring and powerful to learn later that we were part of a global demonstration including 400,000 in New York and hundreds of thousands of people in other countries.

Both UK marches were notable by those who were present and those who weren't.  Unless they were disguised among the many colourful costumed characters on the march, politicians were nowhere to be seen.  Neither was there much evidence of the media and, although we know that environmental and humanitarian groups like Oxfam, the Wildlife Trusts and WWF were involved in the event, their presence was fairly muted. 

Instead, this was a march that belonged to the unexpected heroes of the fight to take climate change seriously.   We heard from the student who fought a courageous battle to prevent the former Secretary of State for Education from removing climate change from the National Curriculum.  We heard from the Bishop of London, who spoke of climate change as a moral issue. 

I wonder what the decision makers in Westminster were expecting, assuming the march was on their radar at all. Perhaps they thought it would be a small group of hippies, a group of middle class indignants from Fulham, or a disorganised rabble with a very different agenda simply looking for trouble.  If so, they were wrong. 

In Manchester and London these marches belonged to ordinary people, local community representatives, faith groups and schools.      The mood was positive, the atmosphere friendly and welcoming, the message reasoned but impassioned.  Nobody spoke about their own rights, or what they feared they themselves might lose.  They spoke about the future we want to be part of, the need to cooperate, the planet we want to leave for future generations.

In a period of deep political cynicism, this march was a reminder of how the debate on climate change has come of age.  It is not linked to any political party or social agenda.  Despite huge effort expended by some to muddy the message, cast doubt on the science, spread discord, delay and inaction, the pressure for change won't go away.  Almost seven years of economic gloom and intense struggle to make ends meet have not stopped people from thinking about or taking action on this crucial issue.

The number and breadth of people and groups at the march is testament to the growing realisation that the future of our planet, our seas, green spaces and wildlife is not just an environmental issue.  This, as much as anything, is the reason why the issue simply won't go away.

Sunday's march was overwhelmingly positive, but if there was one clear negative message it was that people have lost trust in our political system to solve the challenge of climate change.  Harsh it may be, but there is little doubt that politicians are increasingly regarded as part of the problem.  This is deeply worrying, because change is a whole lot harder in an atmosphere of mistrust.   And if there is one thing we don't have on our side, it's time.

Climate change is here, it's real and it matters to people and wildlife.  The UK is ideally placed to lead Europe and the world in taking steps to end our addiction to fossilised carbon.   We need urgent action and we need it now.   If the mainstream political parties are to avoid being punished at the ballot box, they need to wake up and take notice.  

Written by

Harry Barton (CEO of Devon Wildlife Trust), Stephen Trotter (Director The Wildlife Trusts England) and Dr Gary Mantle CBE (CEO of Wiltshire Wildlife Trust)


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Spotlight on local community healthcare - What's your experience?

For the second time this summer, Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is inviting local people to attend a special spotlight event to share their views on its community healthcare services across Wiltshire and at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon.

In collaboration with Healthwatch Wiltshire, the listening event is being held on, Thursday 18 September, 6.30pm until 9pm, in the Assembly Room at the Town Hall, Devizes.  This is an opportunity for local people to share their views on what is good about the Trust's services and what could be better in round table open discussions, rather than a Q&A session. All feedback will be used to identify areas for improvement and build on areas which are working well for patients, their families and carers. 

As well as the Great Western Hospital in Swindon, the Trust runs a number of healthcare services across Wiltshire including Savernake Hospital in Marlborough and other community hospitals in Devizes, Chippenham, Trowbridge, Melksham and Warminster.  The Trust also provides integrated community teams made up of nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and support workers who care for people in their own homes. Care Coordinators are another Trust service, who aim to keep people well and living as independently as possible. The Trust does not provide GP services or dental services.  

Hilary Walker, Chief Nurse, said: "This is our second listening event and your chance to tell us what we do well and what we need to improve, so come along and share your experiences with us. It could be about the care you've received, how staff treated you, how you were kept informed or anything else which is important to you. 

"Our staff work incredibly hard to provide the best care possible, but we know sometimes we don't get everything right. We found our first event in Swindon really useful and we have already published feedback on our website. 

"I hope more people come along to this event so we can build a clearer picture of what it's like to be a patient using our service in Wiltshire. All feedback will be invaluable in helping us improve the experience of future patients."

Emma Cooper, Chief Executive of Healthwatch Wiltshire, said:  "We welcome the Great Western Hospital NHS Foundation Trust's approach involving the public in the development and delivery of their services. We are pleased to be a partner in this piece of work."

Book your place!
If you would like to attend, please reserve your place by calling the Trust's Customer Service team on 01793 604377. Tea and coffee will be provided and all ages are welcome. 

If you are unable to attend but would like to share your feedback, you can call the Trust's customer feedback service VoiceBook on 01793 604044 and leave your comments as an answer phone message.  Or you can email your feedback to


Media are not invited to the event as we want attendees to be able to share their personal experiences openly and confidentially, however interviews are available prior to and after the event. 

For further information contact: 

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Changes to Comic Relief's grant making programme

Comic Relief's grant making programme has moved away from funding in specialist areas, to supporting a wider range of work that meets with one of its four themes;

. Safer Lives - People avoid entering harmful and risky situations; People experience less harm from past or present violence, abuse and exploitation; More people leave violent, abusive and exploitative situations.

. Better Futures - Young people lead less chaotic lives and engage in less harmful lifestyles; Young people recover, cope and thrive in the face of severe personal, family and social adversity; Young people progress into employment, enterprise, training and education opportunities.

. Healthier Finances - People in severe financial hardship increase their financial literacy, reduce their debt and maximise their income; People who are financially excluded can access affordable credit and financial services.

. Fairer Society - People from marginalised groups engage with and influence decision makers and hold them to account; People from marginalised groups are subject to less discrimination from public attitudes, laws, policies or services.

A further theme (Stronger Communities) will be open for applications from 2015. Comic Relief will make grants for up to 3 years, for a minimum of £10,000. There is no maximum grant size, however an average grant size is for £130,000 over three years. Comic Relief will consider applications for core costs from organisations where the entire work of the organisation fits strongly with the theme. All applications must also fit with one of Comic Relief's priorities. More information online.

This is taken from the Arts in Wiltshire Blog.
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Environmental Conference in Pewsey

Environmental Conference, including a presentation by the Climate Coalition. Bouverie Hall, Pewsey from 10:30am to 1pm. Free Parking.

For those wondering what the challenges are in the run up to the crucial climate talks in Paris 2015. How can we campaign effectively and what are the best ways to lobby our MPs and Councillors to make an impact? 

All welcome but spaces are limited so please contact to book a space or RSVP to Edward Glennie - / 01793 872578. Attendance is free.  Donations to cover costs are welcome. and join us. Refreshments from 10am. 
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The Gannett Foundation Grants

The Gannett Foundation makes grants to registered charities which bring benefits to the local communities served by Newsquest newspapers. Grant aid to inspiring community projects is once again being offered by the charitable arm of the publishers of the Wiltshire Times.

Over the last ten years, the Gannett Foundation has presented more than £4million of grants to deserving causes in communities all over the UK.

Projects which include schemes for neighbourhood improvement and local problem-solving, economic development, youth development, education and cultural creativity, help for the disadvantaged or disabled and environmental conservation will be considered.

All applicants must be registered charities and the foundation will not consider any that have received a grant from them in the past two years. 

Click this link for a copy of the application form: GANNETT FOUNDATION APPLICATION FORM 2014 V1.pdf

Applications with supporting documents should be sent via email to by 5pm on 12 September 2014.
Paper submissions must be sent to Pauline Howard, Wiltshire Times Gannett Fund, 100 Victoria Road, Swindon SN1 3BE.
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The Tour of Britain comes to Wiltshire

Tour of Britain - Update from Laurie Bell, Associate Director, Communities and Communications at Wiltshire Council:

"I thought it may be helpful to update you one of the biggest sports events of the year, which will be visiting Wiltshire and providing a great opportunity to promote all that is good about the county.
The Tour of Britain comes to Wiltshire on Friday 12 September when more than 100 of the world's top cyclists fight for the leader's gold jersey, won last year by Olympic champion Sir Bradley Wiggins. Stage 6 of the race starts in Bath and will pass through the towns of Bradford on Avon, Trowbridge, Devizes and Pewsey as well as many of the county's beautiful villages (the full route by road, is below).

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to promote your local community, school or club, not just to the county as a whole, but to Britain and a global television audience who will tune in to follow the action as Britain enjoys the adulation following the phenomenal success of the British leg of the Tour de France. We may not be able to match the millions who lined the Tour de France route through Yorkshire but we can prove that Wiltshire can put on a show that is worthy of a major event, like we need when we hosted the Olympic Torch Relay in 2012.

Bring your community together with cycling-inspired events, competitions and decorate your town or village to provide fun images for the television helicopters following the peloton and a carnival atmosphere the race is sure to inspire. It would be so good if we can raise awareness of this key day for the county. Wiltshire Council will be promoting the event online and in print, providing key information on the website. 

We would like to encourage you to think about what you could do in your local community (if you haven't already?) and let us know what you're planning, no matter how big or small and we will  publicise on the county events calendar and the local community matters websites and make this a day that Wiltshire can be proud of.

We will try and arrange a meeting in August to bring the local communities together to share their plans and ideas. The council has contacted all the schools to raise awareness of the tour and to encourage their attendance at points along the route."

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Notice of a MEETING regarding CYCLE PATHS in Melksham Sept 3rd

Notice of a MEETING regarding CYCLE PATHS 
Date: 3rd September 2014 at 7pm
Location: Town Hall, Melksham

Do you currently cycle in and around the Melksham community area, either for fun or just to get from A to B?

Do any of your family or friends ever cycle in or around Melksham?

Are you aware of where the majority of cycle routes currently are?

Would you cycle more if paths were better placed or more convenient?

Do you have any ideas or suggestions for new or improved cycle routes?

Would you like to have your say in influencing future thinking on cycling in and around Melksham?

If any of these questions interest you then you might like to come along to an open, public meeting being organised by Melksham Community Area Partnership at 7pm on Wednesday 3rd September 2014 in the Town Hall in Melksham.

It's planned that at the very least a map can be produced showing all of the viable routes in and around the area, and we'd very much like to have the input of as many interested parties as possible.   
Come along and have your say!
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Garden waste collection services - have your say

From today, people are being asked to have their say on changes to kerbside garden waste collections which could save Wiltshire Council thousands of pounds.

Garden waste is currently collected at the kerbside every fortnight, however the council has put together three proposals to reduce the cost of the service

Toby Sturgis, cabinet member responsible for waste management, said:

"The council faces significant financial pressures with reduced funding from central government, increased service demand and inflation and these pressures are likely to increase. We need to make savings to help the council deliver its priorities of protecting vulnerable people, boosting the local economy and bringing communities together. 
"These changes will not always be easy, so we want to involve local people in any decisions we make to ensure people have a chance to have their say."

People are being asked to choose which of these three options best meet their needs:

·A three month suspension of the kerbside garden waste service with no collections taking place in December, January and February.

·A five month suspension of the kerbside garden waste service with no collections taking place in November, December, January, February and March.

·To introduce a chargeable kerbside garden waste collection service instead of the current service

Currently, only 10 percent of green waste is collected between December and February, and 25 percent is collected between November and March. The third option would see a charge of £35 per bin per year.

People are reminded that the household recycling centres in Wiltshire still accept garden waste, and the council will continue to provide subsidised compost bins which can compost your garden waste and food waste at home. These can be ordered at or by calling Great Green Systems on 0800 7312572 

From today, you can find out more information on the proposals and let the council have your thoughts on the options for changes by:

·Visiting the council's consultation page

·Picking up a leaflet at your nearest library, leisure centre and Wiltshire Council office.

·Looking out for the summer 'Your Wiltshire Magazine'

·Emailing us on

The consultation runs from 1 July until 1 September 2014. 
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Arts & Health in Wiltshire Conference

Arts & Health in Wiltshire, is a conference exploring the contribution that cultural activities play within the health and well-being agenda.  This conference is for those working in the Arts and Health Theme groups in their communities in Wiltshire.

Tuesday 30 September 2014, 9:30 to 4pm
The Corn Exchange, Devizes

Wiltshire Council's Public Health and Arts Development services are pleased to bring you together for an important conference that explores the contribution that cultural activities play within the health and well being agenda. This conference follows the International Arts and Health Conference which took place in Bristol in 2013 and seeks to establish a countywide network of arts and health practitioners.

At the conference we will enable a space for you to talk to our key note speakers and presenters; you will see inspirational art and performances presented by a range of Wiltshire residents. The programme includes sharing of Wiltshire projects as well as the creative presentations by arts practitioners who have been 'conversing with the commissioners'. You will be invited to take part in a series of artist led presentations and workshops describing how selected artists have explored the potential for arts and health within the health sector. 

Our partner agencies will be launching opportunities and soliciting feedback on future areas of work, and we will decide on the winner of the Innovation Fund, a new one-off fund designed to challenge the sector to innovate a single action or project that will take the entire sector forward. Three projects will be pitched and the conference delegates will vote for their choice. There will of course be time to network, gather material and lunch will be provided.

Tickets are free and must be booked in advance as spaces are limited and we are selling well

If you would like to have an information stand at the conference then please do get in touch via We look forward to seeing you there

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Wiltshire Arts Innovation Fund

The arts and health sector is driven by innovation and lateral thinking and the Arts and Health Innovation Fund is a small one-off funding opportunity to enable a new collaboration or project to happen within the county that has the potential to be truly transformative. Wiltshire Council is able to offer a grant of £6,000 to enable a project to happen within the health sector which changes the way that arts and health projects are perceived or evidences a new way of working. The aim of the fund is to raise the profile of arts and health practice within Wiltshire and to deliver a high impact programme of creative work that demonstrates the important contribution that the arts can play in terms of the health and well being of the county.


  • Applicants must be from Wiltshire
  • Activity must take place within Wiltshire
  • Activity must be completed within 9 months of the award
  • Activity must be deliverable within the grant sum or the applicant must have confirmed additional funding in place
  • Activity must include creative activity or enable creative activity / experience to happen
  • No match funding is required

How to apply:

To apply please complete your project proposal on the application form and submit to the Arts Service no later than 5pm Friday 29 August 2014 Please email to

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Care Act 2014: launch of care and support consultation

The Department of Health is seeking views on how local authorities should deliver the care and support reforms in the 2014 Care Act

The department is asking for views on the draft regulations and guidance for Part 1 of the 2014 Care Act.

The government has worked with individuals and organisations to develop the most comprehensive overhaul of care and support since 1948. The changes will make the system fairer and will mean people get better care. 

Care and Support Minister Norman Lamb said:

"Care and support is something that nearly everyone in this country will experience at some point in their lives. Our Care Act will make the system fairer by putting people in control of their care and limiting the amount anyone may have to pay for the support they need.

"These regulations and guidance will help support councils in making these reforms a reality. We ask people to continue to share their views and experiences as part of this consultation to make sure we deliver real, lasting change for people across the country."

The draft regulations and guidance have been developed by working with expert groups, including users of care and support, local authority staff, voluntary sector organisations, social workers, and national representative bodies including those drawn from local government.

The consultation is open until Friday 15 August and centres on the changes that will come into effect from April 2015.

A further consultation on the reforms that come into effect from April 2016 - which include the cap on care costs - will take place this autumn. 
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Ernest Cook Trust Grants

Schools, charities and not for profit organisations wishing to encourage young people's interest in the countryside and the environment, the arts or aiming to raise levels of literacy and numeracy can apply for funding to the Ernest Cook Trust (ECT). The Trust operates two grant making programmes.

The small grants programme (under £4,000) supports state schools and small registered charities which would like to undertake projects which meet the Trust's objectives and require a small amount of pump-priming in order for such projects to take place and a larger grants programme for grants in excess of £4,000.

Meetings to consider applications for the small grants programme take place bi-monthly throughout the year.

The full board of Trustees meets twice a year, in April and September, to consider grants in excess of £4,000. 

Grants in the past have been awarded towards the purchase of IT equipment in schools, clothing and equipment for outdoor learning, using drama to raise learning achievements; etc. Grants are normally awarded for one year only.

Applications to the small grants programme can be made at any time.

The next closing date for applications for the large grants programme is the 31st January 2015.
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The Garfield Weston Foundation

The Garfield Weston Foundation are a family-founded, grant-making trust which has been supporting charities across the UK for over 50 years.  From small community groups to large national institutions, our aim is to support organisations that have effective solutions to helping those most in need.

The Foundation supports a broad range of organisations and activities that share a commitment to making a positive impact to the lives of the communities in which they work, and that are driven by a desire to achieve excellence.

We make grants across the UK to organisations in the following categories:
Arts                    Education         
Youth                 Health
Community       Environment
Religion              Welfare

Mindful of the challenging economic climate, the Foundation has continued to grow its donations (giving almost £50 million in the last year) and the Trustees are especially keen to see applications for core and project costs for charities delivering services directly to beneficiaries, especially in the welfare, youth and community fields, and also in regions of economic disadvantage.

The Foundation aims to be responsive to where need is greatest.  We therefore support a wide range of charitable activity rather than having specific priorities for funding or regional bias. Our Trustees support excellence and, rather than predetermining where funds should be given, prefer to respond on a flexible basis to organisations that can show that they are addressing a need and that their work is high quality.

The Foundation appreciates how challenging it is for charities to raise funds and aims to keep the process of applying uncomplicated with a one-stage application.  We have two main streams of activity:

             1. Major Grants - £100,000 and above
             2. Regular Grants - ranging from £1,000 - £99,999

On average, approximately 1,500 charities across the UK benefit each year from grants made by the Foundation ranging from the smallest community and volunteer projects through to large national organisations. 

Despite the diversity of organisations and projects the Foundation funds, the common themes are charities that demonstrate quality and excellence with projects that have clear outcomes and benefits, good leadership and sensible business plans.

The Foundation accepts applications at any time, therefore there are no formal deadlines for submitting applications and organisations should allow approximately four months for a final outcome. You will however receive an acknowledgment letter within four weeks of sending in your application.

For further information and the application toolkits click here

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Spread The Music at Corsham

Spread the Music
Do you own a musical instrument or piece of music equipment? Is it gathering dust? Maybe it is hiding in a dark cupboard or sleeping in your attic or perhaps it has it become a wonderful ornament surrounded by little trinkets yearning to be played.
If the answer is YES to any of the above, then it is time to find those instruments and bring them along to 
"Spread The Music"
Sunday 20th July from 12-3pm
at the Pound Arts Centre
Maybe your instrument could do with repair, restringing, re tuning or some tender loving advice and repair. You could learn more about your instrument, local groups and organisations, or maybe you would like to donate yours to someone who would love it and learn to play it. 
What will happen on the day?
Once you have completed a registration form either before or on the day, please bring along your instrument where you will be directed to either one of the following areas: 
.       Strings
.       Brass 
.       Woodwind
.       Percussion 
.       Keyboards/electronic
There will also be a market place of local musical groups, societies and organisations so that you can find out what musical opportunities are on offer. 
For those who teach and support Music Education, there will also be a chance to hear about Wiltshire Music Connect (Wiltshire's Music Education Hub). What it is, what it will be doing, how might you become involved 
It would help us if you registered your interest by contacting
The Pound Box Office on: 01249 701628 / 712618 or Carrie Creamer at

If you are interested in promoting your musical group, society and organisation, please register your interest at by Monday 7 July 2014 (I will be away from the office between 19 June and 8 July inclusive, so if you have an urgent query during that time about this event please contact Carrie at
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2014/15 Big Energy Saving Network Grants

DECC has launched the 2014/15 Big Energy Saving Network, a £1 million programme to support eligible third sector organisations and community groups, deliver help and advice to vulnerable consumers. Organisations are invited to make application(s) for funding by no later than 5pm on Friday 8 August 2014.

Each grant award is for a sum of £5,000 per 'Champion', which is made up of an initial £4,0003, upon grant award and a further payment of up to £1,000 if the agreed objectives of the grant award are met in full. Each bid must contain details of the nominated 'Champion', who will be responsible for leading, organising, evaluating and delivering the bid requirements.

For more visit
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WfCAP Summer Forum - a Sense of Place

We warmly invite you to our WfCAP Summer forum, this time hosted in partnership with the Royal Society of Arts and their RSAWilts Creative Gatherings project which focuses on community engagement in support of the Community Campus Programme

To ring the changes we will be in Westbury, exploring a sense of place and belonging and how both community partnerships and the arts can influence this. This forum will be a joint gathering with both the CAPs and attendees of 2 previous events called Creative Gatherings that were led by RSAWilts and aimed at people living or working in Wiltshire for whom creativity is a major part of their life.

The event will involve talking and doing and making new connections and we will be sharing a meal & drinks together at the end.

A Sense of Place
Tuesday July 8th 2014
6pm - 9pm
Westbury Leigh Community Hall, Westbury Leigh, Wiltshire, BA13 3SQ

Please let me know if you will be attending by Friday June 27th at We will send out practical information in a later email.

The Creative Gathering will be co-facilitated by us along with Jocelyn Cunningham from the RSA, Natalie Remington from RSAWilts and Dominic Campbell an artist/producer for an RSA commission called Pass It On.  In addition, we have Pippa Jones joining us from Create Gloucestershire who will talk about their innovative network and Carrie Creamer from Wiltshire Youth Arts Partnerships to talk about the Wiltshire Youth Arts Charter.

As a way of bringing people together we ask that everyone brings some food to share at the end, so please being a dish that for you encapsulates summer! We will provide tea, coffee, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. 

We are also asking if you could invite someone else to attend with you that comes from your community and is creatively focused, and has a passion and commitment to working within the place you live in.  Please also open this up to other members of your CAP and partners.  In this way, we hope to widen the CAPs network and build on the cultural asset work that was carried out last year by sparking off more collaborations between CAPs and the creative sector. 

Please do get in touch with any further questions which we will be more than happy to answer and feel free to pass this invitation on to anyone else you feel would be interested.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Laura, Dawn, Jocelyn & Natalie.

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The Melksham Heritage Discovery Fair


You are invited to attend a FREE networking event on Saturday 5th July 2014.

The Melksham Heritage Discovery Fair 

This is a great opportunity for you as an individual or as a group to engage with others in our community who share an interest in local history and culture and to help raise awareness of the wonderful heritage all around us.

The event opens at 10am on the 5th July at the Museum of Melksham, Well House Manor, 48 Spa Road, Melksham SN12 7NY.

Ample parking is available in the free, off-road, car park. Refreshments (coffee, tea, beverages, pastries and light sandwiches) are available throughout the day (a small charge applies for refreshments)

The Museum is keen to hear from people wishing to get involved on the day, for instance:

? Displaying (ie photos, artefacts, postcards, books, maps, bottles, documents)

? Selling items, such as the above listed

? Giving a 15 minute talk or presentation, or being on hand to answer questions

? Helping with on-the-spot research and/or scanning during the event

Exhibitors Application form available to download here

Further information:
 Lisa Ellis
 The Well House Collection
 Well House Manor
 Melksham SN12 7NY
 Phone: 01225 708 225 . Fax 01225 899 360


Or you can contact Phil McMullen c/o the Community Area Partnership:

<!-- en-GB-->The Melksham Heritage Discovery Fair <!-- en-GB-->

Big Lottery - Your Voice Our Vision

How can Big Lottery Fund best help communities and people in need?
From now until July 2014, Big Lottery Fund are inviting people to add their voice to a UK wide conversation around key areas of the Fund's work. Your views will help Big Lottery Fund consider our role as a funder and help shape our vision and plans from 2015 to 2021.

Your Voice - Our Vision is about having an open conversation with as many people as possible. If you've got a brilliant idea for how the Big Lottery Fund can make the biggest difference for individuals and communities in the UK, they want to hear it. 

Everyone is invited to add their voices to this conversation via submitting a blog, posting a film, sending a tweet or contributing a comment. These views will then inform the Fund's new framework, which will be published by spring 2015.

They are seeking views on the following areas:


. What can Big Lottery Fund do to support people living in poverty to achieve a better quality of life? How do we address increasing demand for help in difficult times?

. How we can Big Lottery Fund best work with others to make a difference. How can they share their information, learning and resources for the benefit of others?

. How can Big Lottery Fund best support the development of a stronger voluntary, community and social enterprise sector?

What do you think?
Join the conversation


@biglfyourvoice #yourvoice


In writing:
Your Voice Our Vision
Big Lottery Fund
1 Plough Place
London EC4A 1DE
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Tidworth Community's Blue Light Day

Tidworth Community Area's Blue Light Day will take place on Tuesday 24th June 2014

1000 to 1159hrs Tidworth Community Field Wylye Road Tidworth
1300 to 1500hrs Ludgershall Recreation Ground

Wiltshire Police - Wiltshire Fire Brigade - Royal Military Police - Ambulance -Fire and Rescue Team from Trowbridge and others will all be attending on the day.

This has been a very popular event in the past with many schools participating.
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The Tudor Trust - Funding for core costs

The Tudor Trust

About Tudor Trust grants
Because they try to respond to the needs identified by organisations themselves, many of the grants take the form of core funding: funding which goes towards the core costs of running an organisation, including salaries, overheads and day-to-day running costs. Sometimes they may look at offering unrestricted funding, through a grant which can be used entirely freely to further an organisation's charitable objectives.

Tudor can also provide project grants, capital grants for buildings or equipment and grants to help strengthen your organisation. There is no maximum or minimum grant

Who Tudor we fund?

You don't have to be a registered charity to apply. Tudor can make grants to some other types of organisation (for example community interest companies, constituted community groups and industrial and provident societies) as long as you can explain clearly how you would use the grant for charitable purposes.

Your organisation needs to have some of the positive characteristics Tudor are looking for when they make grants. Beyond this the basic requirements are that you have a constitution and a bank account.

How much can you apply for?

There is no maximum or minimum grant. At the first stage of the application process Tudor don't ask you to specify exactly how much you are looking for, though it is fine to do so if you wish: if your application progresses to the second stage they will discuss your funding requirements in more detail then.

How long can Tudor fund you for?

Most grants are made over one, two or three years. Tudor understand that tackling deep-rooted problems takes time so they sometimes fund over a longer period, usually by making a further grant following on from the original one.

When can you apply?

You can apply at any time - Tudor makes grants on a rolling programme and there are no deadlines.

What Tudor fund

Tudor doesn't have specific funding programmes. Our focus is on smaller forward-looking groups, led by capable and committed people. Some of the other characteristics we are looking for include:?

Organisations working directly with people who are at the margins of society?
A focus on building stronger communities by overcoming isolation and fragmentation and encouraging inclusion, connection and integration
Organisations which are embedded in their community and which can identify and channel the potential within that community - whether the local area or a 'community of interest'
Organisations which can demonstrate that they listen to and are responsive to their users??
Organisations which are thoughtful in their use of resources and which foster community resilience in the face of environmental, economic or social change
We don't expect every application to demonstrate all these characteristics: we are however looking for a mix of such qualities when we assess a first-stage proposal.

Tudor are more likely to fund groups with an annual turnover of less than £1 million. However, we sometimes make grants to larger groups, particularly for work which could be influential or which a smaller organisation would not have the capacity to deliver.  Visit Tudors website for more information.
<!-- en-GB-->The Tudor Trust - Funding for core costs<!-- en-GB-->

Job Vacancy - Trowbridge Project Officer

Trowbridge Community Area Future (TCAF) is looking to recruit a Project Officer to join the team.

Job Title:  Project Officer- Community Planning
Scale Grade: NJC SCP 33 £28,127 pro rata
Hours of work: 16 hours 
Start Date: 1st September 2014 with a handover in July 2014.
Trowbridge Community Area Future (TCAF) is looking to recruit a Project Officer to join the team.
TCAF is a community partnership whose aim is to improve the lives of those who live, work and visit Trowbridge. Our partnership is made up largely of volunteers and the Project Officer will be responsible for delivering, supporting and leading on projects across the community area, securing future funding for the running  of the partnership and engaging the local community in projects through multi-agency working.
Experience in fundraising, multi-agency working and project planning are essential.
Interviews will take place mid-June
For a detailed job description and application pack or for more information please contact us on
Closing date: Friday 6th June 2014

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Last Chance to Have Your Say on Connect 2 Bus

The Pewsey-Devizes Connect 2 Wiltshire Flexible Bus contract runs out this year and Wiltshire Council is looking to retender the contract.

Public Meeting Bouverie Hall Pewsey on 12th June @ 7pm
<!-- en-GB-->Last Chance to Have Your Say on Connect 2 Bus<!-- en-GB-->

Top 3 Resources for getting started on assessing your impact

South West Forum - Top 3 Resources for getting started on assessing your impact
. Top Tool: Charities Evaluation Service Planning Triangle
. Top Online Impact Guide: New Economics Foundation  Prove and Improve
. Top Impact programme: Inspiring Impact programme and in particular the Code of Good Impact Practice

These resources provide some useful introductory principles for evidencing the difference organisations make.  They focus on the importance of organisations understanding their motivations for demonstrating impact, clarifying their vision and aims and understanding the stakeholders they work with.  They then provide useful principles to support organisations to evidence the outcomes they bring about by developing appropriate indicators to measure change.  The New Economics Foundation and Charities Evaluation Service resources provide an opportunity for organisations to develop their own impact map, working through an online tool kit. 

<!-- en-GB--> Top 3 Resources for getting started on assessing your impact<!-- en-GB-->

Salisbury Green Fair

Don't miss the Green Fair on Saturday 7th June 10.30 am - 4.30 pm at Harnham Recreation Ground.  A beautiful location on the River Nadder at the end of the Town Path close to the Old Mill.

Organised by South Wiltshire Agenda 21, the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and Salisbury Quakers with support from many local organisations.  This will be a day packed with activities for all the family.

Become a wildlife detective in Middle Street Meadow - get up close to minibeasts in the river - learn how we can bring wildlife back to our rivers, gardens and greenspaces.

Join guided walks on the watermeadows and Harnham Slope or give your bike a free MOT and join a cycle ride to Broad Chalke.

Get advice on how to keep 'Warm and Well' and reduce energy bills - use your skills to create crafts from natural or recycled materials-learn how to make your garden a haven for wildlife. '

Refreshments - Book swop-stalls and Fairtrade goods in the

Church Hall, Lower Street.
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Hospital Discharge Feedback needed to inform the South West Citizens' Assembly

Deadline for feedback - 3rd June

Did you know that Healthwatch Wiltshire have two volunteers who sit as members on the South West Citizen Assembly?  This Assembly is made up of lay members with a strong interest in improving regional NHS services who will bring the public voice right to the heart of our work.  

Their role is to bring the voice of the patient, carer and public to the Clinical Senate.  The role of the Clinical Senate is to work with commissioners to describe best service configurations in the quest for high quality, sustainable services. This is achieved by generating questions relating to specific service areas, which are addressed during Senate Council meetings. In this way the Clinical Senate hopes to establish itself as a critical friend of the whole system and consider issues of strategic importance raised by commissioners.  

More information about Clinical Senates, and the Citizens' Assembly can be found here -

Citizen Assembly member representing HWW, patients, carers and the public, are Joy Capel and Simon Mathias.  At the last Citizen Assembly meeting in May the members discussed their first question, which had been submitted to them by the Clinical Senate.  The topic for this question was around hospital discharge and community care. The members debated the question and discussed the best way to get optimum feedback from their local communities across the SW region.  Joy and Simon came back with the following questions:

1) What makes a good discharge from Hospital?
2) Did you have a good experience? Please explain your answer.
3) Were you involved in your discharge from hospital?
4) Did the follow up appear as expected?
5) Have you had a good experience since you have been discharged? Please your explain answer.

Healthwatch Wiltshire wants to hear from as many people as possible who have had recent experience of hospital discharge.  This feedback can be good or bad.  If you have experience to share and think you can answer the questions please share your feedback by calling 01225 434218.  We have also produced a Word document, so that you can answer the questions online and return via email.  Visit our website to download this -

We appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences with us, and we will feed back to the South West Citizens' Assembly, which in turn will build a picture of current services provided across the South West region.

Please share this as widely as possible throughout your friends, family and networks of members.

Many thanks in advance.

Lucie Woodruff
Healthwatch Wiltshire, Volunteer and Engagement Manager

<!-- en-GB-->Hospital Discharge Feedback needed to inform the South West Citizens Assembly<!-- en-GB-->

Power to change - new £150m Community Enterprise Fund

Power to Change will see the establishment of the largest independent grant-making trust in recent years - awarding £150 million of grants to support community enterprise across England.

It will support projects where the ideas and needs of local people are driving change and developing sustainable business models.

This might be taking over empty commercial spaces or transferring resources into the ownership of local residents.

The support contract will invite small and large-scale enterprises - from rural and urban areas - to join a new peer learning group for support, tips and to meet pioneering community entrepreneurs who will share their experiences.

Hands-on support with business planning and legislation, events and an online network will mobilise the great talent, enthusiasm and creativity already out there in communities across England.

Locality chief executive Steve Wyler said: "Locality and partners have vast experience of supporting organisations to develop as community enterprises.

Many of Locality's members are working in deprived areas, and despite the current challenges are demonstrating incredible innovation.

They are leading the way in driving enterprise and asset ownership to change places and people's lives. We want to help drive this movement for change - a cultural shift where communities are decision-makers and holders of local wealth, a future of vibrant neighbourhoods."

For more on this story visit the Rural Services Network or follow the link to the Power to Change on the Big Lottery Website below.

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Great War Project Open Meeting

What did you do to remember of the Great War? 

We're holding an open meeting for individuals and groups interested in commemorating the centenary of the great war. Come along and talk about what you are doing or would like to do. Hear about what others are doing. Is there an opportunity to work together or help each other? Do dates clash? How do we get the message about what you're doing out to the public? How do we make events relevant to people living in Malmesbury and the villages?

Open Meeting - 5th June - 7:30pm
Malmesbury Hub, Malmesbury Town Hall
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Maintain TransWilts Rail Services

Do you wish to support the call for train services to be maintained at the level they are currently running at on the TransWilts line which runs from Swindon via Chippenham, Melksham and Trowbridge to Westbury with some services extended to Dilton Marsh, Warminster and Salisbury?

If so, please write to the Department for Transport in answer to their current consultation (closes 26 June 2014).

There is a quick link [here] which will provide you with a template letter which you can modify / add to if you wish. 
There is a copy of the text [here] if you prefer to cut and paste

If you are a member of a local organisation, please have them write in too

If you want to learn more follow the link
<!-- en-GB-->Maintain TransWilts Rail Services<!-- en-GB-->

Public Health & Wellbeing Grants

Wiltshire Public Health has established a fund to support public health and wellbeing for people in Wiltshire.  Administered by the Community Foundation the fund is designed for projects which seek to support the Council's objective of building healthy and resilient communities, by bringing communities together to make a positive difference to peoples' health. 

The aim of these grants is to enable community-based and other small groups to initiate or develop projects and activities which offer new or innovative approaches in one or more of the following areas:

. Reducing childhood obesity or helping adults to adopt healthier lifestyles
. Helping to combat loneliness, isolation and other factors which contribute to poor mental health
. Supporting  older people to have more active and fulfilling lives
. Promoting the use of community green spaces, assets and infrastructure for exercise and wellbeing
. Reducing drug and alcohol abuse

Groups must be able to demonstrate a clear link to improved mental or physical health outcomes that will result from their project.   

Funding is available for one year only, and the maximum grant will be £4,000. You may apply for the full amount of your project and match funding is not required.

All applicants must meet the basic eligibility criteria for these grants as follows:

. Your annual income must not exceed £50,000
. You must not be currently in receipt of core funding  from Wiltshire Council
. You must not be a branch of a national charity
. You must be a constituted voluntary organisation or a registered charity
. You must be a local organisation based in Wiltshire and have a local management structure
. The Project you want to deliver must take place in Wiltshire
. You must not hold more than 12 months running costs as free reserves
. No more than one application for funding may be submitted within a single financial year

Please complete the Expression of Interest on the link below:


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Watch "More than Honey" at PEATs AGM this May 30th

Watch "More than Honey" this May 30th at the Scout Hut (Aston Close, Pewsey. SN9 5EQ) at 7-30pm all about the current bee crisis, narrated by John Hurt. 

Beautifully filmed and directed by Oscar nominated Markus Imhoof (The Boat is Full, Les petites Illusions), winner of numerous Best Documentary Awards across international film festivals and stunning cinematography by Jörg Jeshel and Attila Boa in 2013, "More Than Honey" brings sharply into focus our current bee crisis

This film will be shown at Pewsey Environemntal Action Teams (PEAT) AGM on Wednesday 30th May, 7:30pm, at the Scout Hut (Aston Close, Pewsey. SN9 5EQ).

"If bees were to disappear from the globe, mankind would have four years left to live"

"One in three mouthfuls of food we eat is dependent on pollination"

Beautifully filmed and directed by Oscar nominated Markus Imhoof, More Than Honey brings sharply into focus our current bee crisis where numerous colonies of bees have been decimated throughout the world with 50% to 90% of bees having disappeared over the past 15 years. With one in three mouthfuls of the food we eat and 80% of plant species dependent on pollination, the honey bee is as indispensable to the economy as it is to man's survival.

If you cannot make the event the DVD available but see the trailer here -

<!-- en-GB-->Watch More than Honey at PEATs AGM this May 30th <!-- en-GB-->

Give your views on pharmacy services

In partnership with the Wiltshire Health and Wellbeing Board, we are currently researching the provision and use of pharmacies and chemists in the area through a Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA).
A PNA should enable NHS England to commission pharmacy services that meet the needs of local people. 

We would very much appreciate your views on pharmaceutical services in your area and would be grateful for your assistance in completing this online survey. The survey should take no longer than ten minutes to complete. Thank you.
<!-- en-GB-->Give your views on pharmacy services<!-- en-GB-->

Tidworth Community Area to become Dementia aware

Tidworth Community Area embarks on 'Big Pledge' to become Dementia aware!

TCAP invites you to a Dementia Friends Workshop

Dementia Friends is an information session for anyone who wishes to know more about dementia and how it can affect people. It is a great starting point for communities wishing to become dementia friendly. At the end of the lively, interactive session, you will have the opportunity to pledge an action and sign up as a Dementia Friend.

When- Wednesday May 21st, 2.30pm 
Where -Tidworth Community Centre, Wylye Rd, Tidworth SP9 7QH

The session will be led by a Dementia Friends Champion from Wiltshire charity Alzheimer's Support
For more information about Dementia Friends see                                      

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Dementia Friendly Workshops during May

Invite to Dementia Friends information session - Dementia Awareness Week (18-24 May 2014)

Last week Alzheimer's Society, working with Public Health England, launched a major new campaign to raise awareness and understanding of dementia and encourage individuals and businesses to sign up to the Dementia Friends programme.

Local authorities, business, organisations and the general public, we can all play a key role in raising awareness of dementia through the Dementia Friends campaign. 

How you can support the initiative:

. You and your staff can become Dementia Friends by attending a 45 minute face-to-face information session run by a Dementia Friends Champion (a volunteer who is trained and supported by the Dementia Friends team), or through watching an interactive online video on  

. Promote Dementia Friends through your internal and external networks. Encourage people within your local authority, other local stakeholders and members of the public to become a Dementia Friend 

On our website there are new routes to becoming a Dementia Friend, to stand alongside the existing volunteer led face-to-face sessions. More than 100,000 people already have become Dementia Friends and local authorities, businesses, from major high street chains to local newsagents, have signed up 400,000 of their staff ready to begin the programme.  We're on course to have recruited more than one million Dementia Friends across England, by March 2015, alongside separate programmes running in Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Dementia Friends programme increases public awareness and understanding and encourages people to take action to support people with dementia and those who look after them.  It's a really important part of our work to help people with dementia live well in their local community. To support the campaign, a TV advert is running from 7th May to 31st May across more than 40 channels. 

Wiltshire set to make 500 new Dementia Friends during Dementia Awareness Week 

To mark Dementia Awareness Week (18-24 May 2014) Alzheimer's Society and Alzheimer's Support in Wiltshire have set a joint target of making 500 new Dementia Friends in Wiltshire during the week. Join us and help us to achieve this.

The sessions being organised by Alzheimer's Society in Wiltshire are:
. Monday 19th May from 11.30am to 12.30pm at The Lansdowne Hotel, The Strand, Calne, SN11 0EH
. Tuesday 20th May from 3pm to 4pm at the Chippenham Museum & Heritage Centre, Chippenham, SN15 3HF
. Wednesday 21st May from 1.45pm to 2.45pm at the Memorial Hall, Royal Wootton Bassett, SN4 8EN
. Wednesday 21st May at 10am at Alzheimer's Society Office, Salisbury, SP1 2AS  
. Thursday 22nd May at 10am at Alzheimer's Society Office, Salisbury, SP1 2AS  
. Thursday 22nd May at 2pm at Alzheimer's Society Office, Salisbury, SP1 2AS  
. Thursday 22nd May at 11.30am to 12.30pm at The Stables Function Room, White Horse Inn, Downtown, SP5 3LY
. Friday 23rd May at 3pm at Alzheimer's Society Office, Salisbury, SP1 2AS - (John Glen MP is expected to attend this session) 

Alzheimer's Support and volunteers are holding other public sessions across the county. To find the nearest session to you please visit 

If you have any questions about running an information session in your workplace or attending a public session, please contact me on the details below.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Natalia Peremiquel
Stakeholder Relations Officer - South West and West Midlands
T: 0117 9672997
M: 07718423708

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The Peoples Millions

The deadline for applications to The People's Millions is fast approaching.

If you need £50,000 for your community The People's Millions is for you. The Big Lottery Fund is looking for projects that will improve local places or the lives of people in the community. 

This year there are four awards of up to £50,000 on offer in each of the 19 ITV regional news areas across the UK. 

People will get the chance to vote for those projects they want to see funded in the region, when they are screened on the ITV regional news between 25 and 27 November.  In your region 4 projects will win an award following the public vote run by ITV television, with a fifth award going to the runner up that receives the most votes. 

Last year across the four nights of voting, each area received over 27,000 votes. 

Projects can include:
. Projects to make the local environment cleaner, safer or greener
. Improving the local natural environment
. Improving the design, appearance or accessibility of local amenities
. Providing opportunities or facilities for enjoying the local environment or local amenities
If you'd like to find out more have a look around the People's Millions website. There you will find lots of tools and resources including a series of blogs giving top tips and information from previous winners. There's also a short film and a webinar giving you even more information about applying to the programme. You can find out more  and access entry forms are available from or 0845 0 10 11 12. 

The deadline for applications is noon on Friday 16 May 2014. It's not too late!

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Wild Sherston - a weekend of fun

This will be a fun filled event with something for all the family!

Friday the 16th May begins at 7.30pm with BBC Radio 4's "Shared Planet" presenter Kelvin Boot talking about "The trials and travails of a naturalist". We also have a range of events where experts talk about their passion, including talks about butterflies & moths, birds, bees, mammals, rivers and bats.

Over the Saturday and Sunday there will be a variety of walks for you to enjoy. There's a dawn chorus walk at 5:00am if you're an early bird! There's also wild flower, butterfly, river and bat walks. 

There will be lots of children's activities such as a bouncy castle, face painting, a clay corner, snail racing, trails, quizzes as well as a Forest School.

There will be live animals for you to meet, including bats, hedgehogs, owls and butterfly's. There will also be adult and children's photographic exhibitions. 

About us

We're a voluntary group made up of people who live in and around the village of Sherston in Wiltshire. We have a passion for the natural world and we want to share it with you.

It all started off as an idea to hold one or two local events and possibly a talk or two in the village. It quickly grew to be a festival of the natural world.

We're fortunate to have the support of many people including as well as national experts in their fields. We have received funding from Wiltshire Council's Malmesbury Area Board and local community development charity MVCAP is helping us with the organisation and management of Wild Sherston. 
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SEACS project resources available through Wfcap

As many of you know, the SEACS  (Sustainable Energy Across the Common Space) programme has come to an end. 

The Green Economy team will be concentrating on working with business (including social enterprise) in future, with most liaison with communities carried out by the local Community Area Managers. The team is now managed by Clare Langdon, whom some of you will already know. Jane Laurie has passed on community contact details to two people within the Council. Alastair Shankland is the Biomass Supply Officer, responsible for support to every stage of biomass from wood production to biomass boiler. He is keen to support initiatives such as Open Homes that feature the use of biomass. Lisa Jones , the Council's Affordable Warmth Officer  who is moving to the Public Health team, where she will continue to develop and implement the Council's Affordable Warmth strategy. Some of the SEACS information will be on the Council website in due course, as well as on the new SEACS toolkit website.  

The Wiltshire Forum of Community Area Partnerships (WFCAP) will be taking over some of the county energy and environment support role. Wfcap has some of the SEACS resources, such as the list of environmental groups, resources available etc. WFCAP will also host the SEACS energy efficiency display boards and samples, the SEACS leaflets (paper copies) and the new Cosy Homes demo materials and guidance (DIY draught-proofing sash windows and installing Perspex secondary glazing). These can be borrowed by any  group - please contact Dawn Wilson through Wfcap to arrange.  

Warm and Well: In other changes, the Wiltshire Warm and Well scheme and the Warm and Well advice line, run by the Severn Wye Energy agency, have also now come to an end. Instead, please phone the Council 0300 456 0100 for specialist local information and advice on reducing carbon emissions, saving money and keeping your home comfortably and affordably warm. You can also phone the national Energy Saving Trust helpline on 0800 123 1234 for trusted, free and independent advice.
<!-- en-GB-->SEACS project resources available through Wfcap<!-- en-GB-->

Enterprise Day for young people

Enterprise Day for young people 16-24 years old in Trowbridge and surrounding areas!

Enterprise Day, Tuesday 29th April 2014, Trowbridge Civic Centre : 1-4pm.

Opening demonstration: Team GB & British U20's Judo number 1 Jemima Duxberry and the High Sheriff of Wiltshire

Careers Fair: including Hitachi, Qinetiq, Network Rail, Siemens, McDonalds, Army, DC Leisure, Wiltshire Business Support Service, Ramp Nation, Wiltshire College, Premier Inn, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, Touchtone Records, Procol Ltd, GreenSquare Group and others. The National Apprenticeship bus will also be outside offering advice and answering queries.

Inspirational Q&A Role Models: Enterprising Wiltshire Awards Young Entrepreneur finalist 2014, Mark Lodge AKA 'King P' Kik Radio DJ/Music Producer, Brian Clegg science author, Women Inspiring Women Awards winner 2013 Jacqui Mann, Wiltshire Police management and Jemima Duxberry.

Mock Interviews: Wiltshire Police, ASDA, Wiltshire Council (HR & Recruitment & Customer Services), South West Business Advisors and FutrSocial.

CV Workshops: White Horse Recruitment & Wiltshire Council

<!-- en-GB--> Enterprise Day for young people<!-- en-GB-->

Open Day at Kington Langley Croquet Club

Kington Langley Croquet Club are having an OPEN DAY
Please come along and give Croquet a try on SATURDAY 26th APRIL 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
You can borrow a mallet and will be given an introduction to the game. Croquet is better suited to people aged 14 - 80 than to young children. Please wear flat soled shoes and comfortable clothing. We normally meet to play Association Croquet on Monday mornings and Thursday evenings, and play Golf Croquet (the easier game to master) on Wednesday evenings and, by arrangement with other players, on Saturday evenings. If you cannot make it to the Open Day, or it rains heavily on the 26th you now know when you are likely to find people playing croquet at the club so there is no excuse for not trying the game if you would like to do so! 
The Croquet Club is behind the Tennis Court on Kington Langley Playing Fields, Church Road, Kington Langley SN15 5NJ       Club Secretary: Sally Mackie 01249 712730 
<!-- en-GB-->Open Day at Kington Langley Croquet Club<!-- en-GB-->

Pewsey Vale Open Green Homes

Considering renewables? Local people from across the Vale of Pewsey, who have already taken that leap, are opening their doors to chat to you about their experiences. See the technologies in action and chat to the renewable energy pioneers of the Pewsey Vale!  Contact Iona Hassan - Chair, Pewsey Environmental Action Team on 07973 525187 or email

There will also be a meeting at the Scout Hut in Pewsey on April 26th at 7pm.

<!-- en-GB-->Pewsey Vale Open Green Homes<!-- en-GB-->

Chance to get a £5k Community Grant

The Devizes-based Community Foundation for Wiltshire and Swindon is keen to hear from community groups and charities that could do with an extra funding boost this spring.  The main grant round is in early May and the closing date is April 17.  Grants of up to £5,000 are available to support and maintain organisations that make a difference to their communities.  Kate Robinson of the Community Foundation said 'The Foundation will fund core costs such as salaries, equipment and training as well as new projects'.  Apply via the Expression of Interest Form on the website at 
<!-- en-GB-->Chance to get a £5k Community Grant<!-- en-GB-->

Paths Improvement Grant Scheme 2014

The Paths Improvement Grants Scheme (PIGS) aims to help people make innovative improvements to countryside access and the rights of way network in their area. The scheme is a partnership between Wiltshire Council's Rights of Way and Countryside section and the Wiltshire and Swindon Countryside Access Forum. Parishes can bid for up to 50% match funding, if their proposal is approved they then undertake the schemes themselves.

Schemes funded in previous years include:
. improvements to the existing rights of way network such as surface improvements and replacing stiles with gates
. creating new rights of way or permissive links to avoid busy roads or provide new routes
. destination signing
. materials for promoting countryside access

Initial bids should be received by Friday 30 May. The final deadline for completed bids is Friday 25 July 2014. For further information see
<!-- en-GB-->Paths Improvement Grant Scheme 2014<!-- en-GB-->

Youth Consultation - Positive leisure-time activities for young people review

Communities across Wiltshire are being invited to offer their ideas to help ensure that the provision of youth activities in the future reflects and meets the needs of young people.

People across Wiltshire - particularly young people - are being consulted on what activities they would like in their local communities as part of a wide-ranging review.

The 10-week public consultation exercise on the future of youth activities gets underway on Monday (3 February 2014) and will involve schools, young people's groups, voluntary organisations and local communities. 

The way that Wiltshire Council offers activities and support for young people is changing. We want to work in a new way that responds to what young people need in their local area and involves young people in having a greater say in what services and activities are available locally. We want to target support for young people who need it most and develop things for the future that are sustainable (that can keep going and be maintained) and link in with new council developments. These changes will affect the support and activities for young people which take place in your area at the moment, whether that is run by the council or voluntary groups like Scouts, Cadets or a local youth group. It is important the council listens when we make any changes and we would like your opinion about what you think is the best way forward and which option you feel the council should take.

We are interested in your view and there are lots of ways to let us know what you think. Your view is important - make sure your voice is heard.

The options

Read about the four main options being proposed. 

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Cloth Road Arts Week is 3rd - 11th MAY 2014

The Cloth Road is a group of artists, formed in 2004 with the purpose of promoting visual arts and artists in Bradford on Avon, Trowbridge, Melksham and the surrounding villages of West Wiltshire. As part of this promotion of visual arts we organise a series of open studios and galleries for a nine day period every other year.

This provides the public with an opportunity to meet artists, see their work and discover the wide range of visual arts produced in this area and take part in workshops. In addition to the open studios week this website provides potential customers with a permanent directory of local visual artists and a guide to current local exhibitions by member artists. Most artists will work to commission.

Why the Cloth Road?

There is no single river or valley that connects the three towns. However they were all involved in the cloth trade in years gone by and roads which link the towns now were all historically used to transport raw materials and finished cloth to ports and markets. Hence the name "The Cloth Road".


Visit the website to download a brochure.
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Following last year's very successful Men's Health Awareness evening, we are pleased to be able to tell you that Melksham Community Area Partnership are once again working with the Patients Reference Group at the Spa Medical Centre in Melksham to bring you another interesting and entertaining evening dedicated to a topical health issue, this time Dementia Awareness. It's taking place from 7pm on March 31st at the Spa Medical Centre, Snowberry lane, Melksham SN12 6UN, it's free to attend, and everyone in the Melksham community area who has a concern or interest in this important subject is welcome to come along.

Funding boost for Trowbridge Town Hall Development

Trowbridge Town Hall Trust is celebrating the confirmation of a £94,684 Grant which helps ensure a sustainable future for this much-treasured building.  The money, secured through the Social Investment Business, will allow the Trust to engage the necessary professional assistance to progress their plans to the next stage of development.  This substantial funding is a show of confidence in the Trust's aspiration to create an arts centre that Trowbridge can justly take pride in.

Trowbridge has benefitted from the £26m Community Assets and Services Fund, which helps communities across England to take ownership of buildings of unique value and run transformed public services shaped by local need. The fund is managed by the Social Investment Business, in partnership with Locality on behalf of the Department of Communities and Local Government. The Fund offers early stage pre-feasibility and feasibility grants to help local organisations to scope the projects and prepare their business plans. The Fund is open to support organisations till March 2015. 

Trowbridge Town Hall Trust has been working with Wiltshire Council to take on ownership of the building since it was declared surplus to requirements following the departure of the Coroner's Court in 2012.  

The Trust's plans reconnect with the town's history; the building was the cultural hub of the area for 85 years until it was closed to the public in the 1970s.  This new development will ensure that the heritage of the Town Hall is preserved and celebrated, and that the community of Trowbridge has access to this important building into the future.  

Chair of Trowbridge Town Hall Trust, Ian Walker, explains "this grant represents the fruition of two and  a half years of hard work by the Trust and the Friends of the Town Hall.  Working on a shoe string, and through the effort of volunteers, we have managed to bring life back into the building.  Regular tours, events, community activities, exhibitions, arts productions and workshops have all proved instrumental in demonstrating the case for further investment.  I would like to thank everyone who has played a part so far, especially Wiltshire Council and the Trowbridge Area Board for being so supportive of our efforts."

The grant also enables the Trust to appoint a freelance Project Development Officer to support the development of Trowbridge Town Hall into a centre for culture and the arts.  If you would like to find out more about the role then visit our website or contact us via  

The Town Hall is open every Wednesday to coincide with the Town's street market.  The Friends of the Town Hall run free tours of the building so do come and visit us between 10am and 3pm.  You can also stay in touch with the project via connect with us on Twitter @TownHallArts and sign up as friend to show your support and receive news. 

Contact Director : Tracy Sullivan 07540 938936 or 
or Director: Laura Pictor 07940 242977 or  

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Easy Read Training Available

Do you work with disabled people? Would you like to learn how to make your information accessible and present documents in a clear, understandable way for people with learning difficulties?

Wiltshire People First are holding this training on 6th March 2014

For more information call Wiltshire People 1st on
01380 871900
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Wfcap to recruit corporate volunteers at the Business Breakfast

Are you Looking for volunteers?

Wfcap are planning to have a stand at the forthcoming Wiltshire Council Business Breakfast.  The focus of the breakfast is Corporate Social Responsibility with the aim of encouraging businesses to enable their employees to volunteer in the community.  The event is at The Atrium at County Hall on March 5th.

Our aim is to showcase current projects across Wiltshire and for us to seek corporate support for any projects that you are running or planning for 2014.  This might be legal support, administrative, HR, graphic design, marketing and PR or any skill that big business might be able to lend a hand with that YOU need for YOUR project.  Do you need some help with social media, research, sourcing catering, press releases, websites, stewarding, health and safety, insurance, fund raising?  
To make the most of this opportunity we really need some specific details on what you need support with. 

If you would like us to pitch for help on your behalf then please send us brief details of the Projects aim, the jobs you need filled, the number of volunteers and estimated volunteer hours, dates and times if known and the location where it will take place.  Finally make sure we have contact details. 
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From CCAN - World War 1 Commemorations

Many groups and organisations are already planning events or exhibitions to commemorate the centenary years of World War 1. CCAN know of a poppy field in Box, musical concert in Corsham, exhibitions in Lacock and more including Trench building and memorial walks. If your group is planning something or considering a project then it would be good to hear from you - not to interfere but rather to build up a diary of what is happening across the community area. CCAN would particularly like to hear from anyone researching names and families or local events from the war years - there is information available and we are keen to share resource and research. The commemoration is also about those that came back from the war and those that had different roles at home and we would like to uncover some of those stories. For further information contact

Grants to make your community building lean and green

Grants to make your community building lean and green

Does your community centre cost a fortune to run? Are you concerned about your village hall's carbon footprint? Local groups in the Midlands, the South West and South Wales can now apply for grants of up to £1,000 to help reduce energy use in their community buildings.

The WPD Community Chest is a grant scheme funded by Western Power Distribution (WPD) and administered by CSE. A total of £50,000 is up for grabs. The aim is to help community groups carry out simple but effective energy efficiency improvements in village halls and community buildings, after carrying out their own energy audits. The maximum award per group will be £1,000, but you can apply for less than this.

Perhaps your community building needs insulation, a new heating system, lighting sensors, double glazing or more efficient taps? We'll provide groups with an energy survey template so that they can walk around their building and assess what most needs doing. Then they just need to get some quotes for having those improvements done, and send back a short application form.

Don't miss out,

Calne Fairtrade Fortnight

Please support these events being organised in partnership with Fairtraders from Calne Methodist,St. Edmund's & St. Mary's Churches and Calne Fairtrade Group. A donation awarded to Calne Community Area Partnership (CCAP) from Area Board to promote Fairtrade is being evaluated by a steering group, to see how we can get Calne awarded Fairtrade status in 2014. We are now in the process of printing window stickers, which we will distribute to businesses selling or using Fairtrade products. If you would like to help out with any aspects of this (including surveying and recruiting Calne's businesses, churches, shops, schools, etc to stock or sell Fairtrade goods, and distribute leaflets and window stickers to those that do) then please contact us:
Tel: 01249 823287
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Cheese & Wine at the Town Hall, Trowbridge

On Friday, 7th February, the Town Hall Friends are holding a Cheese and Wine event for its members and others who are interested in joining to support our Town Hall being restored to its former glory.

The Trowbridge Town Hall Group was formed in 2011 by a group of Trowbridge residents who want to ensure that Trowbridge Town Hall should be restored and retained for use by the town community.

Subsequently the group became the Trowbridge Town Hall Trust supported by the Town Hall Friends.

The building is being developed into a creative hub for the community, supporting arts, culture, heritage and enterprise.

Please come along and enjoy an evening with us in our town hall. 
Share some wine and cheese, soft drinks and nibbles. 
Marvel at the wonderful surrounding. 
Be entertained and listen to the music. 
Be educated by the presentations about the Friends, 
"Where we are & where we're going" 
And at the same time help us raise funds 
for the Trowbridge Town Hall Friends. 
Suggested donation of £5 to include first drink and nibbles. 
Please pay on the door. 

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TCAP Health Fair

The TCAP Health Fair to be held at the Tidworth Leisure Centre on Thursday 6th February 14.
1pm to 4-30pm.  

Please make every effort to come along, it is open to all military and civilian families.

The military have kindly offered TCAP this event.  There will be over 25 stands covering a cross section of health matters.

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Have your say on the Countryside Access and Improvement Plan

In 2008, Wiltshire County Council produced its Rights of Way Improvement Plan (ROWIP), setting out how the council would manage and improve the rights of way network to meet current needs and demands. The plan continued to be taken forward by Wiltshire Council when Wiltshire became a unitary authority in 2009.
Although the guidance focuses on rights of way, it also states that improvements to other routes and areas which allow people to access the countryside need to be considered. To reflect this more clearly, the title of the second ROWIP has been changed to the Countryside Access Improvement Plan (CAIP). The CAIP sets out the actions Wiltshire Council will take to manage, improve and promote Wiltshire's countryside access network. 
Comments are invited on the draft CAIP and accompanying assessments. The consultation period runs from Friday 3 January 2014 to Friday 28 March 2014. For further information about the CAIP and details on how to submit your comments please follow the attached link. 

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Advance Notice - Post Code Trust Small Grants

Through this programme, the Trust provides funding for projects of up to twelve months in length, ranging from £500 up to £20,000 to registered charities, community and voluntary groups, community interest companies and other not-for-profit organisations.

The People's Postcode Trust aims to make Scotland, England and Wales a better place for both people and nature and acts within the following six fields of operation: poverty prevention; advancement of health; community development; public sports; human rights; and environmental protection. 

Dates for South West are April 5th to May 20th. 
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Healthwatch appoint Chief Exec & schedule

Healthwatch Wiltshire is pleased to announce the appointment of Emma Cooper as Chief Executive.

Emma has a long history of working with partners in Wiltshire and will be well known to many from her previous roles. Emma brings expertise in working with the local voluntary and community sector and is particularly interested in Healthwatch Wiltshire's role as the consumer champion for health and social care.

As Emma joins Healthwatch Wiltshire at the end of January, there will be the inevitable flurry of activity with the increased capacity to the staff team. The first area where people will notice this will be the push forward of the recruitment of volunteers. With this in mind, Healthwatch Wiltshire will be inviting members of the public to join us in making a contribution to our volunteering agenda by attending one of three locally based consultation meetings.

Wednesday 29th January, 10am till 12pm
Wessex Room, Corn Exchange, St John's Street, Devizes SN10 1BN

Tuesday 4th February, 1pm till 3pm
Salisbury Methodist Church, St. Edmund's Church Street, Salisbury SP1 1EF

Thursday 6th February, Chippenham 10am till 12pm
Neeld Hall, Town Hall, High Street, Chippenham, SN15 3ER

Emma Cooper said: 'I am thrilled to be joining Healthwatch Wiltshire at this important stage in its development locally. A lot of excellent work has been done over the last six months to set up the organisation and raise awareness about its role. 2014 will see Healthwatch Wiltshire make a real difference locally and one of our first priorities is to engage with people who want to get involved with our work as volunteers. I am very much looking forward to meeting people at the consultation meetings'

If you are interested in attending one of the volunteering consultations, please get in touch with Lucie Woodruff, using the contact details below.

Lucie Woodruff
Project Manager
M: 01225 434218

Healthwatch Wiltshire is the new, independent consumer champion for health and social care in Wiltshire. The orgnisation will help to shape and improve local health and social care in our community. Healthwatch Wiltshire is part of the Healthwatch national network, established by the Government to ensure local patients and users have a greater input to shaping local services.
Healthwatch Wiltshire:
? Was established under the Health and Social Care Act 2012
? Is a Social Enterprise (Community Interest Company)
? Has a Chair and four Directors
Healthwatch Wiltshire's purpose is:
? To promote the voice of the consumer in the development of health and social care strategies (children and adults)
? To provide and promote effective signposting and information systems
? To promote, monitor and inspect the quality of services commissioned to meet health and social care needs (enter and view)
? To tell the Wiltshire story
About Healthwatch England
Healthwatch England is the new, independent consumer champion for health and social care in England. The organisation has independent statutory powers, as stated in the Health and Social Care Act 2012, to ensure the consumers' voice is heard and best practice is delivered in health and social care nationally. Healthwatch is also focused on providing leadership, guidance and support to the development of the Healthwatch network.
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Wiltshire & Swindon and Dorset Fire Authorities to explore potential combination

Over the last week, elected members of Wiltshire & Swindon and Dorset Fire Authorities have agreed to work towards developing a business case, paving the way for a potential combination of both Fire Authorities and Services in two years' time (April 2016).
At meetings of Dorset Fire Authority (5 December) and Wiltshire & Swindon Fire Authority (12 December), papers from both Chief Fire Officers were considered. These papers set out the need for a period of 'due diligence' to develop a business case that would identify savings and resilience improvements from a combination of Wiltshire & Swindon and Dorset Fire Authorities and the two respective fire and rescue services.
Both Authorities are in the lower quartile of spend for fire and rescue services nationally, and both have been extremely successful in finding savings in the face of reduced funding from central government. However, the longer term forecast remains bleak if response standards and frontline services are to be protected wherever possible. 
The recent report by Sir Ken Knight - ''Facing the Future: Findings from the review of efficiencies and operations in fire and rescue authorities in England' - has made suggestions regarding greater efficiencies from fire and rescue services, including operating with more on-call staff. Currently both Wiltshire and Dorset have some of the highest levels of use of on-call staff of all fire and rescue services in England.
Sir Ken's findings also included, where appropriate, potential mergers and, whilst his report is not the driver for the potential combination, it is reassuring that both Authorities are demonstrating courage and innovation in the face of very challenging financial settlements.
In considering the development of a business case, both Authorities discussed the similarities between the two Services and the geographical areas they protect: 
.       Wiltshire and Dorset are predominantly rural counties, with the majority of fire cover already provided by retained (on-call) firefighters.
.       Each county has similar demographics, and local risks (such as the high number of thatched properties) are much the same.
.       The two organisations already work together on a number of initiatives because of their shared border.
.       Both face financial challenges, as the level of funding received from Central Government has already been substantially reduced and this is expected to be halved by 2019.
.       ?Meeting the shortfall produced by this reduction in funding cannot be sustained without a significant impact on frontline services.
A joint statement from Cllr Graham Payne, Chairman of Wiltshire & Swindon Fire Authority, and Cllr Rebecca Knox, Chairman of Dorset Fire Authority, said: "Both Services have and continue to make substantial savings, but the level of grant we receive from Government will continue to decline. In order to minimise any impact on frontline services and in particular the level of response we provide to our communities, Members of both Fire Authorities have agreed to explore closer working with a view to combination in 2016. We believe that this will provide significant savings, lessen the reductions to front line services, and ensure our key support departments are resilient. We will also be consulting on the move to a Joint Command and Control Centre in Potterne, Wiltshire in 2015. We appreciate that this is an uncertain time for staff and we will be working closely with them and representative bodies over the coming months."
Simon Routh-Jones, Chief Fire Officer of Wiltshire, and Darran Gunter, Chief Fire Officer of Dorset, said: "Our priority is to protect the services we provide to the public. As individual and relatively small fire and rescue services, we cannot sustain the continued reductions in Government grant and maintain response standards without significant change to our organisations. In order to protect frontline services to the best of our ability, we have concluded that the best solution is for the two organisations to combine. Together, we can achieve so much more and combination will give us an opportunity to explore new ways of working. As well as achieving significant savings, this will give us greater resilience and allow us to continue providing an efficient and effective Fire & Rescue Service to our local communities."

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Police and crime element of the council tax consultation

Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Wiltshire and Swindon Angus Macpherson is consulting on the police and crime element of council tax for 2014-15. 

The consultation runs from Monday 6 January to Monday 3 February 2014. You can read more below and give your views via an online feedback facility. 

The Commissioner is considering an increase in the police and crime element of council tax of £3.15 a year for the average home (band D property). This is to help reduce the impact of significant central government grant reductions on policing and crime services in Wiltshire and Swindon. 

An average increase of £3.15 per household would provide the Commissioner with an additional £740,000 of local income for 2014-15. 

Looking ahead three years to 2016-17, a proposed increase of £3.15 a year would reduce the potential funding shortfall by £2.3 million, meaning that savings of £12.5 million would be required rather than £14.8 million. Since the start of the austerity period, savings of more than £10 million have already been made. 

The current rate of policing and crime council tax for an average band D home in Wiltshire and Swindon is £157.77.This would increase to £160.92 under the proposal. 

The council tax rate for policing and crime services in Wiltshire and Swindon has not increased for the past three years and it will still be the lowest in the south west.

The consultation runs from January 6th to February 3rd 2014.

Further information about this and other issues is available on the PCC website
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Healthwatch Wiltshire want your views on RUH services

Healthwatch Wiltshire has been working closely with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) about their previous and planned inspections and visits to the Royal United Hospital (RUH) in Bath.  The CQC will be inspecting the Hospital again on the 4th - 6th December.

The Care Quality Commission have decided to hold a further 'Listening Event' to take place in Trowbridge, to allow more Wiltshire residents the opportunity to have their say on services currently being provided by the Royal United Hospital in Bath.

Both events, one at Bath Race Course and the other at County Hall in Trowbridge will take place at the same time on the 5th December.  A press release from the Care Quality Commission is attached to this email with more details.

. Thursday 5 December,  6.30pm, Bath Racecourse, Lansdown, Bath, BA1 9BU
.         Thursday 5 December,  6.30pm, County Hall, Trowbridge BA14 8JN

It is important that they hear from anyone who has recently used health and care services about their experiences to give a full picture of how care is being provided at the hospital.  You can share your views and comments in a number of ways.

An online survey by visiting

Via the CQC website on their 'Tell us about your care' page

By email by letter to CQC National Customer Service Centre, Citygate, Gallowgate, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 4PA by telephone 03000 616161 or by fax 03000 616171 

 At the event you will be able to talk to the CQC about your experience, share your feedback on how improvements need to be made, and find out how the new inspections will be carried out.

Healthwatch Wiltshire hopes that you will be able to share your experiences in a way that suits you.  If, however, you require support to have your say please contact us and we will help  - 01225 434218 or

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Making a Difference

As the infrastructure support organisation for the CAPs we have compiled this document to give clarity to their role, raise profile of the vast array of work achieved and stand as an evidence base for the support of community partnership working in the county.
Please click the link to read the report
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Do you know someone who gives extra?

We're looking to give extra back to people who give extra in their neighbourhoods. This is your opportunity to recognise someone who makes a positive difference in your community by nominating them for a Giving Extra Award. It could be the person who does the weekly shop for the elderly or who volunteers at the local scout group - we want to celebrate those unsung heroes who make our neighbourhoods better places to live.

There will be 66 winners across the country who will each receive £250 of reward vouchers. We will then announce a national winner who will be awarded £2,500 vouchers and a £5,000 donation to a local good cause.

To nominate, just follow the link to the three easy steps below.
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Galaxy Hot Chocolate Fund

Food manufacturer, Mars has announced that they are looking to help small, local community based projects and community minded people through our GALAXY Hot Chocolate Fund.

From the 4th November 2013 for 16 weeks they are seeking to donate eighty £300 awards to help people or groups with their community programmes. The Fund is open to individuals aged 18 or over who are resident, and organisations and clubs based, in the UK.

Mars will make 5 awards every week. One of these awards will go to the application receiving the most votes on the Website in the week in which it was submitted. The other four awards each week will be selected by a panel of judges who will judge each entry on the extent to which the proposed initiative (and use of an award) will help its local community, the extent of the proposed initiative's reach, and the perceived local need for such hobbies, sports or leisure activities.

Unsuccessful applications submitted in any week will be carried forward to be re-considered in subsequent weeks whilst the Fund is open, although any votes recorded on the Website in previous weeks will be discarded.

The closing date for applications is 11.59pm on Sunday 23rd February 2014.

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Surviving Winter Appeal

The Community Foundation are dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged people in Wiltshire & Swindon.
Surviving Winter raises money to help older and vulnerable people stay warm and healthy this winter. The Community Foundation is dedicating all donations received via Local Giving to Surviving Winter until the end of February.
Why the community needs us
We are working with Age UK and The Citizens Advice Bureau to deliver grants to those in fuel poverty who need help this winter.
Our impact on the community
Excess winter deaths are the result of fuel poverty. Last winter 262 people died in Wiltshire due to not being able to fight the cold. Surviving Winter is helping to lower this number
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Wiltshire Money Latest News

Welcome to the Wiltshire Money e-bulletin. This bulletin gives you news and information relevant to financial inclusion both locally and nationally and has been sent to you as a member of the Wiltshire Money distribution list. You can find out more information about Wiltshire Money at

In this week's bulletin:
. Raising awareness of the alternatives and risks in payday lending - new resources available - see below
. Wiltshire Money has published its second Partner Update providing a review of the work of the partnership over the last 2 months - click here to view a copy
. 'The Financial Capability of 15-17 year olds' - a new report from the Money Advice Service - click here

Raising awareness of payday lending
Wiltshire Money has developed a series of posters (A3 or A4) and a leaflet to raise awareness of the risks of borrowing from a payday lender and the alternatives available in Wiltshire, and also the Customer Charter. These are available on the Wiltshire Money website and designed to be used with the Citizens Advice short film on YouTube - click here. Please feel free to use these resources with your clients and tenants.

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Vibrant visual art exhibition attracts 1500 visitors

Last week saw Trowbridge Town Hall transformed into an art gallery and showcase for local talent; a taste of what the future holds as the building (now redundant as a court) is developed into a creative arts centre for the town and region. 

The visual art exhibition was a week-long event which took place as part of the 2013 Trowbridge Arts Festival.  Organised by local artist and Town Hall Trust Director Laura Pictor the exhibition involved over 30 artists from Trowbridge and the surrounding area, as well as students from Wiltshire College's renowned Art & Design Foundation course.

The event was launched with a preview evening on Friday 25th October and attended by 200 people.  Guests enjoyed viewing the artwork, meeting the artists and listening to music from Singer/Songwriter and local student Sophie O'Donnell.  The exhibition made full use of the space and to play on Trowbridge's famous heritage as a woollen town, coloured yarn was used to lead people around the maze of rooms that is the iconic Victorian building and Box-based artist Emma Leith yarn-bombed the banister & railings of the grand staircase.  Even the old courtroom holding cells were used and attracted huge interest as a contemporary art space, providing an exciting contrast to the grandeur of the foyer and courtroom above.

During the week, the exhibition attracted 1500 visitors; the enthusiasm and support for both the artwork and the use of the Town Hall as a gallery was overwhelming.  The work on display ranged from paintings, illustration and printmaking, to ceramics, glass and textiles, to photography, mixed media and installation and was evidence of what creative talent there is in the local community.  The Foundation Diploma work was a collection of sketchbooks created by the students on a recent project day spent at the Town Hall.  Both the college and the Town Hall Trust are keen to maintain this collaboration as the project progresses.

It's clear that the community are keen to see more regular arts events and to have the building used more, so ideas are already being discussed for future exhibitions.  If you're keen to be involved or find out more then please get in touch with Laura Pictor on or 07940242977.

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Town Hall Hosts Art Exhibition

A new visual art exhibition takes place at Trowbridge Town Hall this month, showing work by art undergraduates and local artists.  Part of the 2013 Trowbridge Arts Festival, the exhibition runs daily (10am-4pm) from Saturday 26th October until Friday 1st November.  

Showcasing the creative talent of students from the renowned Foundation Diploma Course at Wiltshire College as well as 25 local artists working in a range of media: paintings, screen-prints, ceramics & glass, media, installation, photography, illustration, cartoon & comic-book art.  

The venue is Trowbridge Town Hall; a fascinating building which is on a journey to become a new arts centre for the town and surrounding area. There will be artwork throughout the building, making use of the old courtroom, cells and the supper room of the Great Hall.For more details contact the exhibition organiser, artist & Town Hall Trust Director Laura Pictor:

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TransWilts Link meeting

Meeting this Saturday 19th October at the Laverton, Westbury 
Doors open 10 a.m. for 10.45 start 
Teas and coffees available, and a few snacks.

For Transport user groups / co-ordinators. All welcome - details from


- Connecting Wiltshire presentation

- Local Transport Board

- Getting our heads around all the various official bodies and board;
who's who and what do they do in transport.

- The new Greater Western Franchise - and the next one too

- Wider picture report from TWSW

- Coming TransWilts Services 2B or not 2B
- wider that just a train service
- mechanism
- what the service will mean

- TransWilts Community Rail Partnership
- SGM Report, constitution, AGM
- plus stations groups & reporting lines

- Changing profile of bus services
- zigzag story
- BSOG, Western Greyhound cuts, etc
- Salisbury bus station and issues

- Input reporting lines

- Near friends from Frome
There is a great deal of travel and transport activity, much good news but also some disappointments. Passenger groups need to understand and support this, help joined up solutions work, and at the same time alert people (be they councillors, officers, the public or the press) to elements where excellent opportunities may be overlooked, elements changed which lessen their effect, or old systems and methods left in place which put a brake on progress.
Please feel free to pass this on - we prefer to know ahead who's coming, but walk-ins are welcome!
Graham Ellis -
Press and publicity, TransWilts Community Rail Partnership
TransWilts CRP, 48, Spa Road, Melksham, Wilts, SN12 7NY - 0845 459 0153

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Fall Ball to support MS Therapy centre

An exciting new event joins the local annual charity fundraiser calendar this autumn with the first Fall Ball on October 12th at the Lansdown Hall, Trowbridge, from 7pm onwards.  

The black-tie event for up to 250 guests promises to be a great night out for family and friends with sparkle and surprises, a three course dinner, dancing, entertainments, an auction of promises with prestigious prizes, and a luxury raffle. The organisers have put together something for everyone and an occasion to look forward to as the autumn nights draw in. 

It's all in aid of raising funds for a lesser-known local charity, The Wessex Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre in Warminster. The Centre provides much needed therapies for individuals across West Wiltshire diagnosed with the devastating condition of MS and also helps support their loved ones with counselling and advice. Funding for the Centre comes wholly from charitable donations. 

The key organiser of The Fall Ball, Nurse Practitioner Chris Aslett, of Bradford-on-Avon, whose idea it was, says,

"When I was diagnosed with MS myself in 2006, I'd seen through my medical work what effects MS can have but thankfully, in my case and countless others I have seen, these therapies help to combat the symptoms, so the real shock was discovering how the Centre struggles for funding. At that point, I decided I wanted to put something back. Everyone at the Centre is all about living positively with MS, so I thought, 'Life's short, let's have a ball!' The idea grew of arranging an event which would raise funds and awareness, but above all, be fun." 

Chris invited a few local friends to help, and by pooling skills from their different working backgrounds in Marketing, Nursing, Event Planning, Hospitality, and the Internet Industry, the event gradually took shape. The committee, who call themselves the Bradford Belles, hope the Fall Ball will become an annual fixture on the social calendar.

'We're really excited - without giving too much away," Chris adds, "there will be an an appearance by an up-and-coming comedian hot from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and some exciting live performances which will warm up even the chilliest October night. We've had a fantastic response so far. Corsham Print have sponsored all our promotional materials and local businesses from the Bradford, Bath, and Trowbridge areas have contributed some extra special goods and experiences for the auction of promises and luxury raffle.'

If you would like to attend, tickets for couples, groups, or tables up to ten, are available at £35 per head direct from the organiser. Email:, or send an SAE with cheques (£35 pp) made payable to: Chris Aslett to: 1 John Rennie Close, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, BA15 1UJ. For further information or to buy tickets online, visit the organiser's website ... 
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Healthwatch Wiltshire launches

WE NEED YOU - Healthwatch Wiltshire formally launches its services as consumer champion for the people of Wiltshire for health and social care.

Healthwatch Wiltshire Launch Event
Thursday 3rd October
12.15 till 15.00
Assembly Room, Town Hall, St John's Street, Devizes, Wiltshire SN12 1BN

Healthwatch Wiltshire wants to stress the importance of the powerful collective voice of Wiltshire people to ensure that the Wiltshire story is told, both locally and nationally.
It's a time of massive change across the health and social care system with ever reducing resources. However, there is a shift in moving power from the centre to local people.
Everyone - children, young people, families or adults - can make a difference to the health and wellbeing of their communities, by sharing their ideas and experiences with us.
Chris Graves, Chair, Healthwatch Wiltshire said:
"It's very exciting to be involved in this new development. I am convinced that with the support of the people of Wiltshire we will achieve a quality health and social care system in this time of great change and challenge."
For more information contact:
Lucie Woodruff
Project Manager
M: 01225 434218

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Ongoing success for SPICE

Good news from the latest update from Wiltshire Time Credits.

Figures gathered to the end of June show that just over 500 people who have earned 6705 Time Credits in 49 local organisations in Chippenham, Calne and Salisbury.

Last Friday they got their 100th follower on Twitter @WiltsTimeCredit  

And Three Chippenham Time Credit Members have been nominated for awards at the 2013 Voluntary and Community Sector Awards! The Bowood Estate have been shortlisted under the category 'Employer Demonstrating Support for Local Communities, Unity House have been shortlisted against the category "Improving the Quality of Life for People in Wiltshire" and The Nature of It have been shortlisted under the category "Community Leadership". 

In Calne the new volunteer team (working for the Calne Community Area Partnership) is drawing up a list of potential new member organisations (both earn and spend) with a view to building the local network over the coming months. They are interested in hearing from any individuals and organisations in Calne who have ideas on who they should be talking to.

Salisbury Arts Centre's Autumn programme is available at They are very keen for Time Credits earners to visit the centre and Simon Morris, the Outreach & Engagement Manager, is very happy to talk to anyone who wants to find out more about the various activities and events.

At the end of July Time Credits facilitator Nick Bird ran a workshop for Tenant Participation and Housing Officers from Wiltshire Council housing. They had lots of creative ideas for how Time Credits could be used by tenants and local groups.

The Spice Time Credits survey.was successful, they are really pleased with the number of responses and the feedback helps them measure the impact of Time Credits and continue to develop them. The initial survey results show:
.         New and different people are incentivised to get involved in giving their time
.         People are staying involved and giving time regularly

Remember you can see the current Wiltshire menu of spend opportunities at:

You can also like the Facebook page at or follow us on Twitter @WiltsTimeCredit

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Healthwatch Wiltshire are holding a Stakeholder Engagement Event

The aim of the event is to provide an update on the development of Healthwatch and then to work with partners on our key challenge as an organisation - which is how we work collectively across Wiltshire to build and share a coherent picture of health and social care services from the perspective of the user.

Each organisation in Wiltshire holds a valuable piece of the jigsaw, gained through its networks and activities. Healthwatch want to work