Do you need a kickstart to get a project started?

Kickstarter is the world's largest funding platform for projects with a creative and innovative focus. Check out recent projects  - everything from pizza museums to air quality sensors! 

Every week, tens of thousands of amazing people pledge millions of dollars to projects from the worlds of music, film, art, technology, design, food, publishing and other creative fields.

. Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative projects.
We're a home for everything from films, games, and music to art, design, and technology. Kickstarter is full of projects, big and small, that are brought to life through the direct support of people like you. Since our launch in 2009, more than 4.7 million people have pledged over $763 million, funding more than 47,000 creative projects. Thousands of creative projects are raising funds on Kickstarter right now.

. Each project is independently created.
The filmmakers, musicians, artists, and designers you see on Kickstarter have complete control over and responsibility for their projects. Kickstarter is a platform and a resource; we're not involved in the development of the projects themselves. Anyone can launch a project on Kickstarter as long as it meets our guidelines.

. Together, creators and backers make projects happen.
Project creators set a funding goal and deadline. If people like a project, they can pledge money to make it happen. Funding on Kickstarter is all-or-nothing - projects must reach their funding goals to receive any money. All-or-nothing funding might seem scary, but it's amazingly effective in creating momentum and rallying people around an idea. To date, an impressive 44% of projects have reached their funding goals.
" There's just something magical about Kickstarter... You immediately feel like you're part of a larger club of art-supporting fanatics."
- Amanda Palmer, who rallied 25,000 backers to support her album, book, and tour.

. Creators keep 100% ownership of their work.
Backers are supporting projects to help them come to life, not to profit financially. Instead, project creators offer rewards to thank backers for their support. Backers of an effort to make a book or film, for example, often get a copy of the finished work. A bigger pledge to a film project might get you into the premiere - or a private screening for you and your friends. One artist raised funds to create a wall installation, then gave pieces of it to her backers when the exhibit ended.

. Creative works were funded this way for centuries.
Mozart, Beethoven, Whitman, Twain, and other artists funded works in similar ways - not just with help from large patrons, but by soliciting money from smaller patrons, often called subscribers. In return for their support, these subscribers might have received an early copy or special edition of the work. Kickstarter is an extension of this model, turbocharged by the web.
" The most democratic way art has ever been made."
- Stephen Heleker, who raised $21,000 for his short film "Smoke"

. Backing a project is more than just giving someone money.
It's supporting their dream to create something that they want to see exist in the world. People rally around their friends' projects, fans support people they admire, and others simply come to Kickstarter to be inspired by new ideas. Some projects take longer than anticipated, but creators who are transparent about issues and delays usually find their backers to be understanding.

. Our mission is to help bring creative projects to life.
We're a for-profit company based in New York City's Lower East Side. We spend our time making Kickstarter a little bit better every day, answering questions from backers and creators, and finding new projects to share. If a project is successfully funded, we apply a 5% fee to the funds collected.

We believe that creative projects make for a better world, and we're thrilled to help support new ones. Building a community of backers around an idea is an amazing way to make something new.

Building a community of backers around an idea is an amazing way to make something new.
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English Heritage Angel Awards 2013 Now Open

The English Heritage Angel Awards are for people or groups who have rescued a historic building, place or landmark at risk 
The Telegraph newspaper will be featuring interesting entries on their website and everyone who sends in an application or nomination will be entered into a prize draw. Chosen at random, one applicant will receive a break in an English Heritage Holiday Cottage of their choice see: A second applicant will have a short film made about their rescue project by a professional production company and the first 50 applicants will receive a signed copy of my new book - "Men from the Ministry - How Britain Saved Its Heritage". 
You'll be giving those you nominate the chance of national recognition for their hard work which will help attract funding and volunteers. Previous shortlisted applicants have hugely enjoyed attending the gala awards ceremony at the Palace Theatre in London and have felt that entering the Angels was far more rewarding - and enjoyable - than they could possibly have foreseen. You will also be helping to bring greater attention to the nation's heritage at risk.
The deadline for applications to this year's Angel Awards is Sunday 5th May 2013 with the Angels award ceremony to be held at the Palace Theatre on Monday 21st October.  Put the date in your diaries now!

Award Categories
The English Heritage Angel Awards are for:
- the best rescue or repair of a historic place of worship
- the best rescue of a historic industrial building or site
- the best craftsmanship employed on a heritage rescue, and
- the best rescue of a listed building, scheduled monument, registered garden, landscape or battlefield, protected wreck or conservation area.  
Previous entrants said:

"We found the experience of being entered into the Angel Awards a very uplifting time. We had not realised how important the work we did was to the wider community."
St Andrew's Church Committee, Ulrome, East Yorkshire
"Attending the awards ceremony was inspiring. Great to see so many others who were facing similar issues and yet managing to overcome them."
Ian Douglas, Dewar's Lane Granary
To be eligible for the Awards, the heritage site must be designated as nationally significant, and be, or have been at risk. The rescue project must have been completed since 2008, or currently be well underway. 
Lots more information, including the all-important application form and details on the eligibility criteria, can be found here:
If you're not sure if your site's eligible, or if you have any questions email:

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Does YOUR town deserve a Towns Alive National Award?

The Towns Alive National Awards are a recognised quality mark for best practice.

Have you saved your local library? Put on a festival? 
Worked with community groups and local authorities to start a Neighbourhood Plan?

Tell us what you've been up to and your town could be crowned a Towns Alive Award Winner! 

Enter the Awards now. Recognition in the Awards will help to secure funding, raise your town's profile - and provide a well deserved reward for your hard work.

Last year's Award-winning and commended projects featured in over a hundred local and national press articles. Several were even invited to a Parliamentary reception - and held up as exemplars of town projects!

For more information about the Action for Market Towns National Awards, and to download an application form and guidance notes please see:

We greatly appreciate the sponsorship of the 2013 Towns Alive National Awards by the specialist ethical fund manager CCLA.

Delivery of the awards scheme is also supported by local partner The Welsh Government.

The deadline for entries is Friday 26th April 2013. However, we would advise you to submit your applications as soon as possible. 

For more information about the awards please contact: Anne Buchanan on 01633 411732 or by email to

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Government Cuts Red Tape to Make it Easier to Run a Charity

Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIOs) - Government Cuts Red Tape to Make it Easier to Run a Charity
From 10 December charity trustees can apply to set up a new form of charity - Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIOs) - which will make it easier for people to set up and run a charity and protect them from being personally liable if the organisation runs into financial problems. 
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Compact Week 2012

Compact Week 2012

Thenational awareness week is an annual celebration, which takes place across England to promote and recognise the Compact - the longstanding agreement that sets out shared commitments and guidelines for partnership working between government and the voluntary sector.

The week engages voluntary organisations both locally and nationally, government departments, local authorities and other public sector partners working with the Compact locally or nationally.

To find out more about Compact Week 2012, please visit: 2012 REVIEW - AN INVITATION TO RESPOND

"The Wiltshire Compact: 2011 and beyond." was launched a year ago, with the public and voluntary community sectors making FIVE PROMISES about how they will work together, strengthening and improving those relationships to help make Wiltshire a better place for those that live, work, or visit here.

The Compact Board made its own promise that, after a year, it would review how The Compact has worked in Wiltshire.

To do that, the Board launched a three-month review period on 8 October 2012. Please take a moment to consider how The Wiltshire Compact has touched you and your organisation, and how it can be improved (because there's always room for that!) and let me know at, or contact one of the many Champions on our Board, details on our website

This review will be open until the first week of January, and we aim to report our conclusions to the Resilient Communities Partnership (on behalf of The Wiltshire Assembly) at that time. The feedback itself will drive what happens next, so do please get in touch.

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DCLG Structural Reform Plan

The plan sets out a new 18 month programme for the department that will deliver radical decentralising and transparency reforms that put citizens and councils in control of their communities. It is one of the first fundamental Structural Reform Plans for making departments accountable for the implementation of the reforms set out in the Coalition agreement.

The publication was Updated in March 2012


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Live at Home for Longer

With nearly one in five of the whole population expected to be aged 65 or over by 2020, Ministers are determined to ensure elderly, vulnerable people get the help they need to live independent lives, and can be safe in the knowledge that they won't get ripped off by dodgy dealers and fraudsters.

So Mr Shapps has given £51 million towards Home Improvement Agencies, who will provide help and advice including:

housing advice, including help to move to more suitable accommodation if needed
handyperson services, including small home repairs, home safety and security adaptations
energy efficiency advice; and
arranging for adaptations and home repairs to be made, including grab rails, stair-lifts and major work such as ground floor extensions.
These agencies also offer hospital discharge services - ensuring older people leaving hospital care are given the support they need to be able to recuperate in the comfort of their own homes.

For those needing adaptations to their homes an additional £20 million for Disabled Facilities Grants has been confirmed - bringing the total to £200 million this year alone.

Also announced is £1.5 million funding for FirstStop, which provides independent advice to older people looking to plan their future housing needs - whether in their own homes, or in care homes. This is in addition to work already underway to look at new and innovative ways in which elderly people can fund their future care needs without having to resort to selling their property.

And to plan for the needs of older households in the future, Mr Shapps has announced plans for councils to consider the needs of their ageing residents in their local housing plans, by planning the numbers of new homes built  to ensure they include features that meet the needs of older people, such as wider doors for wheelchairs and walk-in showers.

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Open Day at Kington Langley Croquet Club

Kington Langley Croquet Club are having an OPEN DAY
Please come along and give Croquet a try on SATURDAY 26th APRIL 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
You can borrow a mallet and will be given an introduction to the game. 
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