What is a Community Area Partnership (CAP)?

They are independent, non-political organisations that are working to identify and develop a common vision for the future of their own local area.  A Community Area Partnership (CAP) is an open forum for community planning and involvement.  It seeks to draw in the widest possible range of partners from across a given community area in order to fully represent those living and working there.

What is a Community Plan?

A Community Plan is basically a piece of evidence.  It is written proof of the needs and aspirations of those who live there in the area.  It is also a living document, which adapts as goals are met and as needs change.

Do all areas have a CAP?

Not all areas in Wiltshire have a CAP at present.  Some areas are carrying our community consultation, planning and projects using different models than a Community Area Partnership.  wfcap is still keen to help support any community-wide initiatives where possible and if requested.  If your area is looking to start or restart a CAP then wfcap could also help so please get in touch.