Reading through minutes and notes on Parish Councils and the local authority area boards can be a minefield of acronym's and shorthand that is meaningless to all but the few who use them regularly. In this document we hope to clear away the fog of confusion.  This is by no means a definitive list, and if you have any to add please contact us  we would be happy to hear from you.  
AB Area Board - elected unitary council representatives for each area with responsibility for allocating funds, listening to and solving local issues through Area Board meetings.

AMT Action for Market Towns an organisation that supports towns with marketing for tourism and promotion amongst other things like benchmarking as Patrick mentioned at the meeting last night where towns count footfall in shopping centres, parking spaces and empty retail shops as a measure of the economy.

CA One of the 20 Community Areas designated by Wiltshire Council, most are based around a market town. 

CAM Community Area Manager working for the AB and WC 

Campus A building(s) where Wiltshire Council Services and others such as health visitors, debt advisors, jobcentre, benefits advice are all available for each community area under one roof.  This may or may not incorporate leisure centre services and/or library services.  Each campus will be designed to serve the specific needs of each community area. See under Area Board

CAN Community Area Network (bulletin) a newsletter produced by the CAM for distribution around the Community Area 

CAPs Community Area Partnerships (Networks)- unelected volunteers who work to engage with those living and working in the CA to inform a community plan to help AB to direct funds where they are needed.  Also to support groups working for the benefit of their CA and act as a coordinator to facilitate collaboration between community groups and AB.

CAT-G Community Area Transport Group - these are in receipt of funds from WC and are not normally part of a CAP but report to the AB and most CAPs have someone on them or get reports from them

CAYPIG Community Area Young Peoples Issues Group or Children and Young Peoples Issues Group 

CG Community Grants - funding from the ABs

Cllr Councillor 

JSA Joint Strategic Assessment (Council Collated Data)

JSNA Joint Strategic Needs Assessment also data but more health related for future planning 

LAA Local Area Assessments undertaken by the council as part of the consultation process.

LAW Local Agreement for Wiltshire - ended March 2011.

LEP Local Enterprise Partnerships to promote and support business, replaces the old RDA Regional Development Agency

Loc Localism - The government has published a Plain English Guide to the Localism Act which summarises the main measures under four headings:
. new freedoms and flexibilities for local government
. new rights and powers for communities and individuals
. reform to make the planning system more democratic and more effective
. reform to ensure that decisions about housing are taken locally

Nbp Neighbourhood  Plans - Neighbourhood planning will help communities shape the future of their areas. This could include determining the location of shops, offices and schools to setting standards of design for new housing

NPT Neighbourhood Policing Team

PC Parish Council are local elected representatives who are responsible for listening to and solving issues a Parish level.

RCP Resilient Communities - The RCP meets regularly to enable members to agree priorities and actions which will contribute to Wiltshire's vision for resilient communities. It oversees the delivery of these activities to ensure that they stay on track and deliver their intended results.

TDP The Thematic Delivery Partnerships (TDPs) are the powerhouses of Wiltshire family of partnerships and closely connected to Resilient Communities.

TG Thematic Groups - these groups are used by the council to identify the different themes/issues for data analysis and are loosely the heading for the sections of the Community Plans:
Health and Wellbeing (Social Care); Children and Young People (Education); Housing and the Built Environment (planning); Economy and Skills (Employment); Crime and Community Safety; Transport (and Communication); Arts, Culture and Leisure (sports); Environment and the Countryside. 

VCS Voluntary and Community Sector, also known as Not-for-profit sector and Third Sector 

VSA Voluntary Sector Assembly - a conference based on the old Wiltshire Infrastructure Consortium (WIC) funded through Capacity Builders from Central Government.  WIC was disbanded but the remaining money is to be used by GROW to support the conference in 2012. 

WA Wiltshire Assembly- The Assembly meets twice a year for its conferences which are themed according to the current hot topic for Wiltshire.

WALC Wiltshire Association of Local Councils (Parish and Towns)

WC Wiltshire Council - unitary council/ local authority

WC Wiltshire Compact - Wilts Compact shared commitments and guidelines for partnership working.

wfcap Wiltshire Forum of Community Area Partnerships is engaged to support the volunteers in all the CAPs and Networks across the county and to support the development of CAPs in those areas which do not currently have one.

WIN Wiltshire Intelligence Network for data like the JSA, Health, Life expectancy etc 

WIN also used for(confusing) Wiltshire Involvement Network which relates to Health and Social Care - see WSUN -  

WSUN Wiltshire and Swindon Users Network again Health and Social Care related

YAG Youth Advisory Group- linked to Area Boards. Each Youth
Advisory Group will be chaired by a young person under 25 and over 50% of members will be under 19 years of age. Advisory groups will plan and shape local services, making sure local young people know what is available and encouraging partnerships which avoid overlap and fill gaps. Mechanisms will be established to
ensure knowledge and ideas are shared between Youth Advisory Groups.