Trustees Meeting Minutes July 6th 2017
Chairs Report 2016-17
Annual Report 2016-17
Minutes of the Trustee Meeting December 1 2016
Devizes Community Area Plan 2012 to 2026
Wfcap Annual Report 2015-2016
Minutes of Trustee Meeting April 6th 2016
Minutes of Trustee Meeting 4 Feb 2016
Emergency Plan Template for Parishes and Towns
New and updated for 2015
SSE Resilient Communities Fund Form
Funding available for building community resilience, includes equipment and fitting out refuge centres etc.
Devizes Passengers letter to Minister for Local Transport
Social Action and Responsibility Fact Sheet (SARAH)
Equal Opportunities Policy - Wfcap
Calne Air Quality Working Group report to Area Board
Report to Area Board December for 8th 2015
Calne Air Quality Action Plan Nov 2015
Minutes of Trustee Meeting 30 Nov 2015
CCAP Health and Social Care Forum Notes
Safegaurding and Child Protection Policy 2015
Town digital hub - what is it?
A report on a presentation on Town Digital Hub and what it does. A tool for collaboration planning.
Report on Wiltshire Council's Budget Meeting Oct 2015
A brief report on Wiltshire Councils budget meetings held October 2015
Consultation on Social Isolation and Loneliness 2015
A report on a consultation on Social Isolation and Loneliness 2015 in Warminster
Wiltshire in Words 2015
Rules and conditions for the Wiltshire in Words fund raising campaign
Minutes of the Trustee Meeting Oct 12th 2015
TransWilts Transport Forum Sept 2015
HealthWatch Wiltshire Annual Meeting 2015
Wiltshire Voluntary Assembly Sept 2015
Brain Health (Dementia Awareness) Newsletter for Sept 2015
Minutes of Wfcap Trustee Meeting Aug 5 2015
Wfcap Audited Accounts 2014-15
Wfcap Annual Report and Statement of Benefits 2014-15
Wfcap New Trustee Bios for AGM 2015
Minutes of Wfcap AGM and Forum July 2015
New Connect 2 Bus timetable from August 17th 2015
Template Cap Constitution 2015
Cap constitution Annex A Wfcap Minimum Operating Standards
Brian Health News for July 2015
Scarecrow Trail/Competiton Guide
Some Ideas on how a Scarecrow Trail can bring a community together for a fun time or to raise funding.
Minutes Wfcap Trustees Meeting May 21 2015
Wfcap Forum notes BOA Hub May 21 2015
Floating Cinema Volunteer Ambassador Application
Brain Health News for May 2015
Floating Cinema Tour Ambasssadors
Heritage Lottery Funding - what you need to know 2015
Minutes of Trustees Meeting April 15th 2015
Wfcap Trustee Application Pack 2015
Wfcap Future Workplan 2015-16
Minutes Wfcap Trustees Meeting March 16 2015
Spice Timecredits Notes from March 26th
Minutes Wfcap Trustees Meeting Feb 24 2015
CAPs Impact Summary for 2015
Wfcap Forum March 10 2015 Devizes
Brain Health Newsletter March 2015
A guide to setting up a Memory Cafe (2014)
A Guide by Carers Pathways for setting up a Memory Cafe for those living with dementia -updated 2014. Authors David Light and Jim Delves
PCAP Comments on Western Train Route Study Consultation Jan 2015
Calne Transport Strategy
Brain Health Newsletter January 2015
DCAP & PCAP Proposal PV Bus Services Connect 2 Wilts
Minutes of Forum November 2014
Brain Health Newsletter November 2014
As part of the dementia awareness project
Community Area Partnerships - FAQs
#wfcapSquashArt poster for primary schools
wfcap SquashArt Competition
Living on the Edge - Landowners Guide to Flooding Responsibilities
Environment Agency guidance
Parish/Town Flood Plan Template
Report and Feedback on Tourism Matters 2014
Voluntary Sector Review Workshop
WfCAP CIO Constitution
This document is too large to post here please contact us to request a copy.
Area Board Funding Allocations 2013 - 2014
CAPA 2013-2014
Agreement between CAPs and Area Boards relating to core funding
wfcap spring forum minutes 2014
Big Pledge - local statistics as background to pledge ideas
wfcap summer forum report 2014
10 Step Guide to Community Emergency Planning
Minutes of Wfcap Trustee Meeting Aug 2014
CAP Leaflet
Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop
Monitoring and Evaluation and Guide for Community Projects
Consultation Methods
Impact of Voluntary & Community Sector in Wiltshire
Report commissioned by the Resilient Communities Partnership
WC Business Rate Briefing 2014
Money Mountain - Helpful Fundraising Tool
Corporate Social Resposibility Opportunities
Laura's Blog
Click here to link to my blog, now on Word Press
Calne's Story Jam Evaluation
Skills Audit Matrix
Area Board Funding Capital/Revenue Criteria Explained
Community Planning Resource
a mapping exercise of useful organisations in Wiltshire categorised by theme and area
Great War Commemoration Project Ideas
Sources of Community Data
a detailed resumé of the types of data available
CCAN's template for JSA Culture Chapter
Newsletter Archive for 2013
Newsletter Archive 2012
Lists all newsletters with brief content and links to pdf in full
Community Assets Toolkit
Wiltshire Community Land Trust's Toolkit
Quality Toolkit
CAP specific version of Wiltshire Council Quality Assurance Toolkit
Wiltshire's Big Pledge
Using Multi-Media to Promote your CAP
Forum presentation slides - Matthew Woolford Wiltshire Council
WfCAP AGM Nomination Papers
Do you need a Neighbourhood Plan and other Community Rights
Dawns Dialogue for Volunteer Week June 2013
Board Games Club
Your Community in 300 Words - Writing Competition Poster
Decentralisation & the Localism Bill
Eseential guide to the Localism Bill
Advent Calendar 2013
Welfare Reform
Details on changes to the Welfare System 2012
wfcap photomarathon
wfcap photomarathon2 rules & conditions
WfCAP Photomarathon 2
PCAPS Health Forums May 2013
Planning & Localism
A guide to help communities choose the best path through the localism maze.
CAPs in a nutshell
explanation of the role of Community Area Partnerships
Area Boards in a nutshell
explanation of the role of Wiltshire Council's Area Boards
Expenses Policy
Sickness and Toil policy
Wiltshire Map
map detailing the 20 community areas
Social Media Policy
Risk Assessment Policy
Social Media Responsibility Policy
Recruitment Policy
Maternity Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Grievance Procedure
Flexible Working Policy
e-safety IT and Mobile Technology Policy
Equal Opportunities Policy
Driving at Work and Vehicle Use
Disciplinary Policy
wfcap AGM minutes 2013
Spring Forum Speakers Details
Complaints Policy
Access to Employee Data Policy
Big Pledge Steering Group October 2013
Resilient Communities Partnership October 2013
VCS Assembly September 2013
Healthwatch Wiltshire Stakeholder Event September 2013
WfCAP Community Fayre Flyer
Wiltshire Money Stakeholder Event September 2013
WfCAP Community Fayre Programme
Leader's Network Meeting July 2013
WfCAP Community Fayre Workshops
Resilient Communities Partnership July 2013
Clinical Commissioning Group Stakeholder Event July 2013
Resilient Communities Partnership April 2013
Market Town's Forum March 2013
Response to consultation on draft PCC PLan
Voluntary Sector Forum February 2013
WIN Final Event February 2013
Resilient Communities Partnership January 2013
Wiltshire Compact January 2013
Manager's Report AGM 2013
Police & Crime Commissioner January 2013
Wiltshire Assembly June 2012
Wiltshire Compact May 2012
Resilient Communities Partnership May 2012
Market Town's Forum November 2012
Wiltshire Compact October 2012
Resilient Communities Partnership September 2012
Resilient Communities Partnership July 2012
Equal Chance Better Lives Cluster May 2012
Presentation on Neighbourhood Planning
'Partnerships & Planning' a presentation by Jeff Bishop of BDOR from the 2011 WFCAP Conference
Minimum Operating Standards 2010
a guideline of best practice for CAPs